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Nokta Makro FORS Gold Metal Detector Pro Package


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Product highlights

  • Frequency : 15 kHz (+/- 100 Hz bandwidth)
  • ID Masking : Enables you to Search by Ignoring Unwanted Targets
  • Ground Tracking : Tracks the Changes in Ground and Automatically Adjusts the Ground Balance to Suit
  • Vibration Mode : Designed with the Hearing Impaired in Mind, also Ideal for Users who Do Not Want to Use Headphones
  • Digital Target ID : When Detecting a Target, it Displays on the Screen and Gives you an Idea about what the Target May Be
  • Includes: Three (3) Deep Searching Coils : 11.2x7" DD, 5.2x4.7" DD and 15.5x13.3" DD Search Coil‌s and MORE
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Product Description

Nokta | Makro FORS GOLD Pro Package Metal Detector
with 11.2x7" DD Search Coil, 5.2x4.7" DD Search Coil, 15.5x13.3" DD Search Coil‌, Nokta Carry Bag, Headphones, Weather Resistant Cover, Embroidered Cap, Treasure Pouch, AC/Car Charger & 4 AA Rechargeable Batteries

Read the Field Test: Nokta Makro FORS Gold+ Metal Detector Review now!

The Nokta | Makro FORS Gold metal detector Pro Package is exactly the same as the FORS Standard Package plus all new advanced features, design and gold prospecting metal detector accessories. The Pro Package comes with a much larger 15" deep seeking search coil for deeper gold nuggets plus a smaller and a more sensitive 5x4" search coil for small to medium size nuggets. The FORS gold metal detector was developed based upon the needs of gold prospectors in USA, South and Central America, Africa, Asia, Australia and anywhere gold is located. The FORS Pro package gives gold hunters the very best gold metal detector available for an affordable price!

Buy this gold detector and you will own a smooth operating machine with advanced settings which minimize the effects of highly mineralized soils and hot rocks frequently encountered in gold fields. The FORS Gold metal detector is not only a powerful force in gold prospecting but it is the best gold metal detector you will ever want to purchase. And for the first time, it is now on sale!


  • Warranty : 2 Year Limited
  • Total Weight : 3.9 lbs (1.8 kgs)
  • Manufacturer Nokta | Makro
  • Manuals

    Instruction Manuals

  • Quick Look Be ready for anything with the Nokta Makro FORS Gold Metal Detector Pro Package Metal Detector. Hunt deeper and smaller with its 15" coil.
  • SKU 1448-FORSP
  • Product Dimensions 26.00x14.00x6.50
  • Manufacturer SKU FORSP no reorder
  • Product Type Metal Detectors
  • Best for Beginner, Coin, Gold, Relic
  • Factory Included Accessories
    • Carrying Bag
    • Headphones
    • Treasure Pouch
    • AC / Car Charger
    • Embroidered Cap
    • 5.2x4.7" Search Coil
    • 15.5x13.3" Search Coil
    • Weather Resistant Cover
    • 4 AA Rechargeable Batteries
    • 11.2x7" Waterproof DD Search Coil
  • Warranty Yes
  • Detector Type Gold
  • Interchangeable Search Coil Yes
  • Technology VLF Single Frequency
  • Arm Rest Adjustable
  • Arm Rest Strap Yes
  • Adjustable Shaft Yes
  • Assembled Length Max (in) 60
  • Assembled Length Min (in) 50
  • Apps None
  • GPS No
  • Audio Tones Yes
  • Depth Indication Yes
  • Control Box Mount Standard
  • Frequencies 15 kHz
  • Number of Frequencies 1
  • Programmable Target Id Yes
  • Target Id Segments 99
  • Target Id Yes
  • Threshold Adjustable
  • Discrimination Adjustable
  • Pinpoint Mode Yes
  • Ground Balance Automatic Ground Tracking
  • Vibration Mode Yes
  • Search Modes 3
  • Search Mode Types Boost (BST), Discrimination (DI3), General Mode (GEN)
  • Search Flashlight No
  • Display Type LCD
  • Backlit Display No
  • Volume Control Yes
  • Headphone Jack 1/4"
  • Bluetooth Compatible No
  • Interchangeable Headphones Yes
  • Battery Type AA
  • Battery Quantity 4
  • Battery Life (hr) 20 to 25 Hours
  • Rechargeable System No
  • Exclusive Features VLF Induction Balance, Boost Mode, Vibration Feedback In Handle, Frequency Adjust, Target ID Masking
More Information

Nokta | Makro FORS GOLD Pro Package

With its Extreme Sensitivity, it Will Find Nuggets that Other Detectors Miss at Unmatched Depths!


For the Toughest Terrains

As all experienced gold prospectors know, gold fields in the world have tough ground conditions for detectors. These fields, most of the time, contain high amounts of iron minerals and hot rocks which cause false signals and negatively affect the performance of metal detectors. FORS Gold, thanks to its advanced settings designed to eliminate these minerals, works flawlessly even on the toughest terrains.

Nokta FORS GOLD ground
Gold Nuggets in the World are Now in the Hands of Privileged FORS GOLD Users!
Gold Map

3 Search Modes

General Search
Sometimes referred to as the "All Metal" mode, this is the deepest mode of the device. Different than the other modes, this mode has a constant threshold sound in the background. You can search deeper by listening to the variations in this sound.

Discrimination (DI3)
This is the 3-tone discrimination mode. This mode is ideal to use in fields with different types of metals enabling you to search faster with audio discrimination.

Boost (BST)
It is the 2-tone discrimination mode. Developed for use in gold fields, this mode is deeper than DI3. It provides more depth for nugget searching and minimizes the effects of hot rocks.

Ground Tracking

Nokta FORS GOLD Tracking Along with automatic and manual ground balancing, the Nokta FORS Gold also offers ground tracking which tracks the changes in ground and automatically adjusts the ground balance to suit. The visible or invisible changes in ground affects the detection depth as well as the discrimination ability of the device so you can improve the performance of the device by activating this feature on suitable ground.

Digital Target ID and ID Masking

Nokta FORS GOLD Target ID When FORS Gold detects a target, it displays the target ID on the screen and gives you an idea about what the target may be. ID Masking, on the other hand, enables you to search by ignoring unwanted targets. It provides ease of use by rejecting hot rocks and metals such as iron and foil.

Dual LCD Display & Graphical User Interface

Nokta FORS GOLD LCD Display FORS Gold has 2 LCD displays - one on the system box and one on the handle. Dual LCD display and graphical user interface let you easily adjust the settings and see all the information you need on the screens. Once you adjust your settings on the LCD panel located on the system box, you can follow most of the information on the display in the front. This way you don't need to go back and check the LCD panel constantly. This provides great comfort during searching.

Electronic Pinpointing and Depth Indicator

Nokta FORS GOLD Depth With FORS Gold, you can easily pinpoint a target with just the push of a button. As the target is approached in the pinpoint mode, the signal tone will get stronger and change in pitch and at the same time, the depth reading will appear on both screens. Pinpoint feature will save you digging time and enable you to reach your target faster.

Vibration Mode

Nokta FORS GOLD Vibration Mode With FORS Gold, you can easily pinpoint a target with just the push of a button. As the target is approached in the pinpoint mode, the signal tone will get stronger and change in pitch and at the same time, the depth reading will appear on both screens. Pinpoint feature will save you digging time and enable you to reach your target faster.

Built-In LED Flashlight

Nokta FORS GOLD Flashlight FORS Gold built-in flashlight offers great convenience by illuminating the scan area when searching at night or in dark. You will not need an external illumination device.

Easy Use and Ergonomic Design

FORS GOLD Ergonomic Design FORS Gold is impressing not only with its electronics and software, but with its ease of use and ergonomic design as well. With its easy access settings, its widest scan design and its ergonomics which will not exhaust you during prolonged searches, FORS Gold is an indispensable detector for all detectorists.

Long Battery Life

FORS Gold works with 4 AA Alkaline batteries that can easily be purchased anywhere and provides approximately 25-30 hours of use. You can also purchase the optional rechargeable batteries and the charger and charge your batteries at home or in your car.

10 Languages

FORS GOLD 10 Languages FORS Gold is an international detector offering worldwide use with its 10 language options. Once you select the language in the menu, the device will start in the language you have selected after you turn off and on the device.

Technical Specifications:

  • 2 Year Warranty
  • Weight : 3.9 lbs (1.8 kgs)
  • 5.2x4.7", 11.2x7", 15.5x13.3" Search Coils
  • Frequency : 15 kHz (+/- 100 Hz bandwidth)
  • 5 Audio Frequencies
  • Target ID Range : 0-99
  • Sensitivity Range : 1-99
  • Length : 49" - 59" Adjustable
  • 3 Tone Audio Discrimination
  • Automatic and Manual Ground Balance
  • Search Modes : 3 Plus Electronic Pinpoint:
    • Electronic Pinpoint
    • Boost (BST) : 2-Tone Mode, Developed for Use in Gold Fields
    • General (GEN) : "All-Metal" Mode, this Mode has a Constant Threshold Sound in the Background
    • Discrimination (DI3) : 3-Tone Mode, Ideal to Use in Fields with Different Types of Metals, Allows you to Search Faster
  • Operating Principle : VLF Induction Balance
  • 4-AA Battery Operation (batteries included)
  • Battery Life : Alkaline (included), Provides Approximately 25-30 Hours of Use


  • 10 Language Options
  • Metal Identification : Motion, Multi-Derivative
  • Depth Indicator : Used to Determine Target Depth
  • ID Masking : Enables you to Search by Ignoring Unwanted Targets
  • Ground Tracking : Tracks the Changes in Ground and Automatically Adjusts the Ground Balance to Suit
  • Dual LCD Display and Graphical User Interface : Easily Adjust Settings and See All the Info on the Screens
  • Built-In LED Flashlight : Offers Great Convenience by Illuminating the Scan Area when Searching in the Dark
  • Easy Use and Ergonomic Design : Its Widest Scan Design and Ergonomics will not Exhaust you During Long Hunts
  • Vibration Mode : Designed with the Hearing Impaired in Mind, also Ideal for Users who do not want to use Headphones
  • Digital Target ID : When Detecting a Target, it Displays on the Screen and Gives you an Idea about what the Target May Be

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    • ★★★★★ Outstanding

    Review by Patrick Sr. Christmas surprise on December 8, 2019

    I chose this machine and my wife got it for me as a Christmas gift. It is outstanding. I seriously like every aspect of how it works and performs. I have an old Whites that needs repair and a Tesoro that I used in the Arizona high country. But this is like Platinum in comparison and I have only had it a couple of days. I would give this the highest recommendation of any detector I have ever used. This machine functions extremely well, I would suggest it to anyone. I feel that performance goes far beyond the price and accessories that come with it would bring any competitor to a greater price...
    • ★★★★★ Nokta Fors Gold Pro Package

    Review by Craig B on May 19, 2015

    First time out with my new metal detector and I found GOLD!!!! I was in an Arroyo and I found a couple pieces of metal and a bullet, then I got a different tone. A little faint and a little elusive so I start to dig... and about eight inches down I found GOLD,GOLD I tell ya. (OK it was a circuit board with half a microprocessor about 1.5 x 1.5" but their was gold showing) and I'm really impressed that I got a strong gold tone from the detector at better than 8 inches. Using Disc 3 it had a target value of a strong "50". I'll definitely have to take this puppy to the mine and check the trailings. I was using just the standard search coil. With the large coil I'm going to need a bigger shovel. Very impressed with this detector.
    • ★★★★★ Good

    Review by Mike O on July 10, 2014

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