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NEL Storm 13x14" Search Coil (Garrett AT Pro)


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Waterproof 13x14" Search Coil from NEL. Designed for Garrett AT Pro. Includes Coil Cover

NEL Storm 13x14" Search Coil (Garrett AT Pro)
Waterproof 13x14" Search Coil from NEL. Designed for Garrett AT Pro. Includes Coil Cover

From land to sea, the NEL Storm 13x14" Search Coil for the Garrett AT Pro will help you find your greatest treasure yet. The NEL Storm 13x14" Search Coil gives you added stability and sensitivity as well as improved discrimination and better target separation. Weighing only 1.8 pounds, the NEL Storm is waterproof, light, durable, and a great addition to any search coil collection. Includes a 2 year warranty.


  • Weight : 1.8 lbs
  • Includes : Coil Cover
  • Size : 13x14" in Diameter
  • Construction : Waterproof
  • Warranty : 2 Year Warranty
  • Compatibility : Garrett AT Pro

NEL Storm 13x14" Search Coil (Garrett AT Pro)

The Storm is designed to detect medium and small targets at depth which is unattainable for any other standard coils. Working with a slow swing will maximize its ability in finding not only large and medium targets but small targets which weigh less than 1 gram at 20 cm deep as well. Suited for finding coins, treasures and artifacts in the field of military battles in any territory. This coil is superior to standard coils in depth by 22% - 45% (depending on metal detector model) and in ground coverage between 30% - 60% (depending on metal detector model).

Coil is fully submersible, body is filled with epoxy resin and additionally has a black protective coating that is used for the protection of marine boats, and it makes it possible to use the coil without a coil cover. The coil copes excellently with high and medium soil salinity. Recommended for professionals.

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Makes your AT Pro a Formidable Machine

Review by Oregondigger on September 15, 2016

I had the opportunity to try this coil before purchasing one and to be honest, I wouldn't have bought it on a recommendation alone. It wasn't until I was able to use it on my machine in my own spots and wow did this thing perform. I thought I would be horrible in iron infested areas and would be a pain to swing all day. I couldn't have been more wrong. It can really bang out some deep finds so be prepared to go 2 feet down and bring a real full size shovel. If you like to detect areas that are usually covered in snow in the winters, or campgrounds that have tons of needles and duff or even if you are hunting beaches with coarse sediment and sand this is the coil for you to find the silver and jewelry that has been sinking inches over the years. The coil is a great blend of size and function for the AT Pro. Anything bigger is just a little crazy unless it is a super clean environment.

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