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Lesche Relic Hunter Model 38 Shovel

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This Shovel will Save your Back and Even has a Foot Step for Power Digging. Only 38" in Length Overall

Lesche Relic Hunter Model 38 Shovel
This Shovel will Save your Back and Even has a Foot Step for Power Digging. Only 38" in Length Overall

This all steel design is extremely strong and long lasting. The edge features a sharpened curve for slicing through the ground, and a sharp side edge and serrated edge on the other side. The serrated edge is perfect for cutting through big roots without chopping or going to get a saw.


  • Weight : 4 lbs
  • Blade Width : 51/4"
  • Blade Length : 111/4"
  • Overall Length : 38"
Customer Reviews

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4.5 average of 2 reviews

The 38

Review by Jer on February 28, 2017

I really enjoy this shovel way more than any other one I've owned in my years of detecting! A detectorist having The 38 is like Conan the Barbarian having his " Fathers Sword "... Cuts through thick grass and roots leaving smooth plugs. Which is always a great thing if you're detecting someone's yard... Nice and Neat! I even went to stick the shovel in what I thought was just some smooth dirt ground and slammed it into a large underground rock. Not a single chip or dent in The 38! ONLY problem I have about using the shovel is that my AT Pro goes crazy if this shovel is anywhere near 4 to 5 ft. So with that problem I just stick it in the ground until I find an item to dig. I do this from hole to hole and I have no problems with interference. I guess the plus is that I now have a free hand while walking. Just when you're digging a large open field don't forget to go back and get it every 10 or so yards because before you know it you'll get a hit to dig and the shovel will be 50+ yards behind you...

Lesche Model 38 Shovel

Review by John K on December 03, 2014

I have been digging for over 20 years and this shovel has served me well. It has taken a beating and it is still in great condition. I added a step to the left side for better foot leverage (easy modification). Drilled two small holes and added a piece of 2" flat iron to it. Bolted on easy. If you want a life time shovel this is the one. Perfect for plug cutting at plantation yards. A plus...

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