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Minelab Metal Detectors & Accessories

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  1. Minelab 15" DD Smart Coil (Equinox)

    Smartly find treasure in trash with this Minelab 15" DD smart coil replacement part for Equinox series detectors Learn More
    SKU: 3011-0335

    In Stock 21

  2. Minelab PRO-SONIC Universal Wireless Audio System

    Versatile Pro-Sonic universal wireless audio system from Minelab, with easy charge and adjustable volume settings & long operating range Learn More
    SKU: 3900-0001

    In Stock 2

  3. Minelab GO-FIND 66 Metal Detector

    The lightweight, collapsible Minelab Go-Find 66 delivers value using a versatile, high sensitivity, waterproof search coil for best results Learn More
    SKU: 3231-0015

    In Stock 10

  4. Minelab X-Terra 305 Metal Detector

    Minelab X-Terra 305 metal detector with 7kHz search coil, VFLEX technology, better ground balance, noise cancellation, multi-tone ID & more Learn More
    SKU: 3704-0110

    Out of stock

  5. Minelab X-Terra 505 Metal Detector

    This versatile Minelab X-Terra 505 universal hand-held metal detector has pinpoint & depth Indicators, VFLEF technology, LCD display & more Learn More
    SKU: 3705-0113

    Out of stock

  6. Minelab Wireless Module (CTX 3030)

    Guarantee amplified sounds with quick response times using this Minelab Wireless Module for CTX 3030 metal detectors Learn More
    SKU: 3011-0120

    In Stock 1

  7. Minelab 6" DD Search Coil (CTX-3030)

    The waterproof all-terrain Minelab 6" DD Search Coil (CTX-3030) is the ultimate high performance treasure detector. Learn More
    SKU: 3011-0114

    Out of stock

  8. Minelab 17" DD Smart Coil (CTX-3030)

    Minelab 17" DD smart coil (CTX-3030 Series). Detects treasures even in extreme ground conditions. Best replacement fit for your detector Learn More
    SKU: 3011-0116

    Out of stock

  9. Minelab 10 x 5" Elliptical DD Search Coil (X-Terra Series)

    Double-D Minelab 10 x 5" water-resistant, elliptical search coil for X-Terra Series. Offers the best discrimination for varying soil types. Learn More
    SKU: 3011-0101

    In Stock 2

  10. Minelab 11" DD Search Coil (E-Series)

    Lightweight, waterproof, high-performance Minelab 11" DD search coil (E-Series) with deep sensitivity. Ideal for medium and small finds. Learn More
    SKU: 3011-0221

    In Stock 2

  11. Minelab 10 x 5" Elliptical Easy-Sweep Gold Search Coil (Eureka / Gold Striker / XT Series)

    Multi-use Minelab 10 x 5" elliptical easy-sweep gold search coil: fits with Eureka, Gold Striker, and XT Series Detectors. Learn More
    SKU: 3011-0220

    Out of stock

  12. Minelab Underwater Headphones (SDC 2300)

    These fully submersible Minelab underwater headphones for the SDC 2300 detector provide excellent audio for all conditions Learn More
    SKU: 3011-0258

    Out of stock

  13. Minelab 10 x 5" Elliptical DD Commander Search Coil (GPX / GP / SD)

    Versatile, water resistant 10 x 5" Minelab Elliptical DD Commander Search Coil. Delivers best results on the Minelab GPX, GP and SD series. Learn More
    SKU: 3011-0076

    In Stock 1

  14. Minelab 8" Round Mono Commander Search Coil (GPX / GP / SD)

    Incredibly sensitive and water resistant Minelab 8" round Mono Commander search coil for GPX / GP / SD detectors. Learn More
    SKU: 3011-0072

    In Stock 2

  15. Minelab 11" DD Smart Coil (Equinox)

    Discover the deepest coins, rings & jewelry with this Minelab Equinox’s 11" DD smart coil -sporting enhanced target identification systems Learn More
    SKU: 3011-0334

    In Stock 4

  16. Minelab 8" Round Gold Search Coil (Eureka Gold)



    Minelab 8" Round Gold search coil (Eureka Gold) is one great, easy coil that finds it all. Your best bet for coins, rings, jewelry and more Learn More
    SKU: 3011-0224 no reorder

    Out of stock

  17. Minelab 11" DD Commander Search Coil (GPX / GP / SD)

    Ultra-sensitive Minelab 11" DD Commander Search Coil for GPX / GP / SD detectors. Easy object detection even in highly littered areas Learn More
    SKU: 3011-0113

    In Stock 8

  18. Minelab WM-12 Wireless Module (GPZ / CTX)

    Mate this Minelab WM-12 wireless module to your GPZ or CTX metal detector for better sounds and productive hunts Learn More
    SKU: 3011-0281

    In Stock 1

  19. Minelab WM 08 Wireless Audio Module (Equinox)

    Increase your search speed and comfort with this Minelab wireless audio amplification module for Equinox series of metal detectors Learn More
    SKU: 3011-0371

    In Stock 1

  20. Minelab DD 11" Search Coil (Goldsearch)

    This highly sensitive Minelab Double-D Goldsearch 11" search coil helps you to sweep wider and easily find small and medium sized nuggets Learn More
    SKU: 3011-0225

    In Stock 2

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