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  1. Minelab 8" Round Gold Search Coil (Eureka Gold)



    Minelab 8" Round Gold search coil (Eureka Gold) is one great, easy coil that finds it all. Your best bet for coins, rings, jewelry and more Learn More
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  2. Minelab 8" FBS Search Coil with Lower Rod (E-Series)

    Make rewarding underwater hunts with this replacement, fully submersible Minelab 8" E-Series FBS search coil with lower rod attached Learn More
    SKU: 3011-0226

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  3. Minelab 8" Round Mono Commander Search Coil (GPX / GP / SD)

    Incredibly sensitive and water resistant Minelab 8" round Mono Commander search coil for GPX / GP / SD detectors. Learn More
    SKU: 3011-0072

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