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  1. Minelab X-Terra 305 Metal Detector

    Minelab X-Terra 305 metal detector with 7kHz search coil, VFLEX technology, better ground balance, noise cancellation, multi-tone ID & more Learn More
    SKU: 3704-0110

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  2. Minelab X-Terra 505 Metal Detector

    This versatile Minelab X-Terra 505 universal hand-held metal detector has pinpoint & depth Indicators, VFLEF technology, LCD display & more Learn More
    SKU: 3705-0113

    Out of stock

  3. Minelab 6" DD Search Coil (CTX-3030)

    The waterproof all-terrain Minelab 6" DD Search Coil (CTX-3030) is the ultimate high performance treasure detector. Learn More
    SKU: 3011-0114

    Out of stock

  4. Minelab 11" Round Mono Commander Search Coil (GPX / GP / SD)

    Round, 11" Mono Commander search coil by Minelab for series GPX / GP / SD. Facilitates quick recovery time for greater yields Learn More
    SKU: 3011-0073

    In Stock 4

  5. Minelab DD 11" Search Coil (Goldsearch)

    This highly sensitive Minelab Double-D Goldsearch 11" search coil helps you to sweep wider and easily find small and medium sized nuggets Learn More
    SKU: 3011-0225

    In Stock 2

  6. Minelab 8" FBS Search Coil with Lower Rod (E-Series)

    Make rewarding underwater hunts with this replacement, fully submersible Minelab 8" E-Series FBS search coil with lower rod attached Learn More
    SKU: 3011-0226

    In Stock 1

  7. Minelab 11" Round DD Search Coil (CTX-3030)

    Minelab 11" Round DD search coil (CTX-3030) means extra protection for your coil. Shields it from everyday wears and scrapes Learn More
    SKU: 3011-0115

    In Stock 1

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