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Minelab Metal Detectors & Accessories

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  • Image of Minelab 6" Coil Cover (CTX-3030)

    Minelab 6" Coil Cover (CTX-3030)

    Owners of Minelab 6" CTX-3030 series coils prefer this coil cover for its utility and budget friendly price
    SKU: 3011-0135
  • Image of Minelab 6" DD Coil Cover (Equinox)

    Minelab 6" DD Coil Cover (Equinox)

    This Minelab 6" DD coil cover (Equinox Series) easily fits to the bottom of your search coil for protection against wear and abrasions
    SKU: 3011-0376
  • Image of Minelab 6" Black Coil Cover

    Minelab 6" Black Coil Cover

    Functionality and aesthetics are combined in this Minelab 6" black coil cover that gives your coil the best security
    SKU: 3011-0233
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