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Quest Beach & Underwater Metal Detectors

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  • Quest Pro Sports Pack

    Quest Pro Sport Pack Metal Detector

    • with 11x9" RaptorS, TurboD Waterproof Search Coil
    • Lightweight design just under 3 lbs.
    • Large, easy-to-read LCD screen
    • Rechargable Li-Po battery with up to 20 hours battery life
    • 5, 13, 20 kHz selectable frequencies(VLF)
    • Waterproof to 20 ft.
    • Wire-Free Lite Headphones
    • Ergonomic handle design for left or right handed swing
    • 5 Preset + 2 Customizable with LED Indication; Coin Mode, Jewelry Mode, Beach Mode, Gold Mode, Deep Mode, 2 Customizable Modes.
    Includes $24 in FREE Accessories!
    Sku: 1691-17036000
  • Quest Q40 Metal Detector

    Quest Q40 Metal Detector

    • with 11x9" TurboD Waterproof Search Coil
    • Lightweight design just under 3 lbs.
    • Large, easy-to-read LCD screen
    • Rechargable Li-Po battery with up to 20 hours battery life
    • 13 kHz very low frequency (VLF)
    • Water resistant
    • Wireless headphones included
    • Ergonomic handle design for left or right handed swing
    • 6 searching modes: coin, jewelry, all metal, beach, and 2 customizable modes.
    Includes $24 in FREE Accessories!
    Sku: 1691-1705102
  • Quest X5 Metal Detector

    Quest X5 Metal Detector

    Quest X series metal detectors provide best weight ratio design in the industry. The original T style handle and shaft provide you the best detecting experience. 

    Includes $24 in FREE Accessories!
    Sku: 1691-1901101

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What are the Different Types of Underwater Metal Detectors?

what are the different types of underwater metal detectors

There are two types of underwater metal detectors: pulse induction and very low frequency detectors. Each of these types provide you with unique benefits. Pulse induction (PI) metal detectors work by sending fast electronic pulses into the ground you are searching. These electric currents are not affected by wet sand or by mineralized ground and are sensitive to precious metals. PI metal detectors are the best machines for beach hunting and for diving and deeper searches.

The very low frequency (VLF) metal detector has a high sensitivity to coins, jewelry, and relics, and are not going to alert you to every piece of metal debris. This type of circuit is affected by ground mineralization, but has a sensitivity setting that you can adjust to control those effects during your search.

can underwater metal detectors be used on land

Can Underwater Metal Detectors Be Used on Land?

Yes, all the underwater metal detectors Kellyco offers can be used on land as well as underwater, making it easy to search where you want to.

Where Can an Underwater Metal Detector Be Used?

How do you decide where to use your underwater metal detector? It’s likely that you intend to use it as you walk along the beach or shoreline, but there are some other areas of interest also. Along creeks, around lakes and ponds, and in wading into bodies of water are great places to use your underwater detector. If you are a diver, looking for shipwrecks may be an exciting option as well.

Which Type of Underwater Metal Detector is Best?

It’s important that you take the time to make the best decision about which underwater metal detector to choose. Some of the things to consider include where you plan to search (freshwater or saltwater), in what depth of water you will hunt, whether this detector will be your primary detector for both water and land, and whether you will be using your detector when diving. Your responses to those considerations will help you narrow down the search for your ideal underwater detector. For example, if you plan to search in saltwater, you will want to choose a pulse induction detector because it is the most effective for that type of water. If you will be diving, you will need to compare the depth rating to how deep you plan to dive, further pinpointing the right detector for you.

what accessories are needed for underwater metal detecting

What Accessories Are Needed for Underwater Metal Detecting?

To be successful and efficient in your underwater hunting, you have to have the right tools. There are some tools that will make your searching easier that can be put off until later, but there are some accessories that you’ll benefit from right from the start.

To get started, it’s important that you have a good pair of waterproof headphones. They will allow you to hear the deepest, oldest targets while blocking out any external noises. These are especially important when you are searching beaches and shorelines where the sound of the surf can be quite loud. Underwater metal detectors often include a set of waterproof headphones with the purchase.

If you are going to hunt on the beach in sand, it’s also important that you have a trowel, long-handled sand scoop, and a sand sifter for speeding up your target recovery. The long-handled sand scoop will make it much easier to dig for targets that are in water, as you won’t have to go under to recover them.

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