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$1,000.00 and above Demo/Used Metal Detectors

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Types of Metal Detectors Available

Stocked metals detectors fall under four categories: Pre-owned, Handyman specials, Scratch n’ Dent, and Closeout. Items available in Pre-owned are trade-ins that have been field tested and inspected. Handyman specials consist of like-new but non-working metal detectors. Those in the know can score a great deal and, with a little elbow grease, get their purchase into working condition or use it for parts. The Scratch n’ Dent selection is composed of items that arrived to prospective owners in damaged conditions. They are new except for minor cosmetic issues that are completely refurbished by the factory and come with a full warranty. Close-out detectors are models being discontinued by the manufacturer. Save up to 70% at Kellyco with a used metal detector.

Considerations When Buying a Used Metal Detector

There are a few considerations to consider when thinking of purchasing a used metal detector. Experts recommend buying the best metal detector that you can afford. Buying a used or refurbished metal detector from Kellyco can help you purchase an amazing detector that was previously out of reach.

Are you just joining the game today?

Those with little metal detecting experience can use the Quick Start setting on the new models of metal detectors as described below. This no-think solution can get a hobbyist started and familiar with their purchase and its capabilities.

How hard will you be on the device?

Read the reviews and the warranty. Kellyco products offer exceptional warranties that help consumers get necessary repairs. Your machine may be dropped, get wet, or be jostled or handled roughly. Find a durable metal detector that withstands wear and tear.

Where will you go?

An all-purpose metal detector is great for general use on dry ground. Many have waterproof coils safe for shallow water. Those working in or around salt water need an underwater/beach/land detector for additional protection.

With over 60 years of experience, Kellyco Metal Detectors employ factory-certified metal detector experts that assist with any questions. Call an associate today for more details.

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