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Metal Detecting for Evidence Recovery


A spray of bullets is fired across a rural area, and you need to figure out who fired what so you can build out the scene. 

A woman is missing and presumed dead — you need to find the body. 

Weapons used at a crime scene are suspected to have been dropped into a river, and your team needs to find them. 

Metal detectors provide a critical role in assisting criminal investigations. With the proper tools to quickly identify, isolate and recover vital crime scene evidence while following protocol, justice can be served quickly and efficiently. 

Kellyco wants to help you with that. 


Efficiency makes all the difference

With the proper training, metal detectors are extremely easy to use. Metal detectors can find evidence in half the time of traditional methods like ground search or the “feel” method. 

Kellyco offers training videos for your department once your purchase is complete so that you won’t be left to figure it out on your own. As our team at Kellyco has worked with law enforcement over the years, we’ve learned that when searching for a missing person, finding small objects like a ring or a cell phone makes a huge difference. 

In that same vein, locating all the bullets fired at a crime scene — and even locating the weapons themselves — changes the entire course of the investigation. 

A crime scene investigator using a metal detector can find those items in a much shorter time than traditional methods. 

CSI - Kellyco Metal Detectors 

Training for best practices

Metal detectors are extremely straightforward to use. They can find evidence efficiently and in half the time. Many of the law enforcement agencies we’ve worked with say they used to search for evidence by hand. Using a metal detector not only makes their job easier, but helps them solve crimes faster. 

To make sure your department is trained, though, and to prevent you from wasting valuable time, we offer instructional videos and even in-person training if you request it. 

CSI - Kellyco Metal Detectors


Kellyco picks for evidence recovery

Our Garrett CSI Pro is an all-terrain detector designed for long searches in any environment. It’s waterproof up to 10 feet, and is perfect for finding small targets as well as gold, brass and lead. 

Our Garrett CSI 250 features a target ID legend which identifies common crime scene items like bullets, bullet casings, and metal weapons, while the depth indicator shows how deep your target is located.

If you’re looking for a handheld detector that’s more like a wand, our Garrett CSI Pro-Pointer is a great choice. It’s great for searching walls and tight spaces and features a scraping blade, LED flashlight, 360-degree side scanning capability and water-resistant casing. It beats searching for things by hand. 

For deep water searches, our Nokta Makro Pulsedive Scuba Detector is handheld and completely waterproof up to 200 feet. 

If you need tow-behind detectors that can be lowered from boats or run as remotely operated vehicles, we have those available as well. 

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