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Detect-ED LS Carbon Fiber Upper Shaft - Black (Equinox)

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100% Carbon Fiber with a black matte finish to improve the scratch resistance & provides a strong crisp swing.

The Land & Sea Carbon Shaft is a single piece to replace the upper two sections of the stock Minelab Equinox shaft, ideal for underwater or land detecting. The Detect-Ed model’s light-weight, no-wobble, strong design proves steadfast in durability and a lasting investment.This Shaft compliments the Equinox by further enhancing its lightness and all-terrain abilities. It is suitable for use with the stock Minelab Lower Shaft, or Detect-Ed Carbon Fiber Lower Shaft.


- 100% Carbon Fiber
Black Carbon with a matte finish, for greater scratch resistance

- No Wobble
Provides a strong crisp swing

- 35% Lighter
Than stock Equinox shaft (120g vs 186g)

- Collapses Shorter
Shortens to 170mm / 7" shorter (overall length)

- Shortened Position
Ideal for water use and transport

- New Clamp System
Custom plastic injection moulded clamp system extremely durable and hard clamping design

- High-grade Stainless Steel
Stainless 316 hardware for corrosion resistance

- Fully Extends
Lengthens to original length for normal use

- Durable
Matte-finished Carbon for far greater scratch resistant than its glossy counterparts

- Unique Hole-less design
When assembled the LS-Carbon shaft has no exposed holes for pins or arm cuff adjustments, this means the shafts gets very little dirt or sand inside it while out detecting and contributes to it’s very sleek look and unmatched structural integrity.

- Easy Installation
Simply remove your control pod (with the hex key we provide), remove the arm cuff, install them on your Detect-Ed carbon shaft and slide in your existing lower shaft and coil

- What's Included?
In your package, you'll receive the Detect-Ed Black Original Black Upper Shaft, including a hex key for fitment.

Customer Reviews

Average Rating

5.0 average of 2 reviews

Suggest and upper and lower....worth it!

Review by JAMES on January 05, 2020

Quality shafts. Fits my Minelab Equinox perfectly. You can feel the difference!

Worth it

Review by Dirt Monkey on October 27, 2019

After going through several forums discussing carbon fiber shafts it came down to the DE-tected shaft, main reason is the cam locking system and you can still use the factory lower shaft with it. So you dont have to buy both upper and lower to use it. Definitely a noticeable weight reduction especially when using the 15" coil.

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