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Detect-ED LS Carbon Fiber Lower Shaft - Black (Equinox)

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100% Carbon Fiber Black Carbon with a matte finish, for greater scratch resistance & 50% Lighter than stock Equinox lower shaft.

When you are looking to use a metal detector, it is very important that you have parts and components that allow you to be more efficient. One part of a metal detector that can be crucial when it comes to your ability to hunting is the shaft. One great option to consider is a carbon fiber lower shaft provided by Detect-ED, which is ideal for the Equinox metal detector. This shaft features a lower weight and overall durability that sets it apart fromt the rest. This shaft is up to 50% lighter than other options on the market today. At the same time, the 100% carbon fiber makeup of the shaft allows it to be more durable and withstand more bad weather than other options available.


- 100% Carbon Fiber
Black Carbon with a matte finish, for greater scratch resistance.

- 50% Lighter
Than stock Equinox lower shaft (50g vs 100g).

- Drainage System
Easy drainage hole for water detecting and cleaning.

- Eliminates Coil Ear wear
Custom coil connector design significantly reduces Coil Ear wear which means your Coil Ears are less likely to snap.

Customer Reviews

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Review by JAMES on January 05, 2020

I plan on buying an additional lower shafts to mount my extra coils on. An easier switch when you're in the field or against a tide. Great quality!

Must buy if you have extra coils

Review by Ranindm on October 05, 2019

I buy extra shafts for my coils , its nice and fast to switch out the shaft with a coil already mounted than switching coils with one shaft .

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