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Minelab Long Handle 2-Part Sand Scoop

Sku: 237-SCOOP
Retail: $140.00
Now Only: $120.00
Made of Heavy Gauge Aluminum. Handle is 36" in Length

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Minelab Long Handle 2-Part Sand Scoop
Made of Heavy Gauge Aluminum. Handle is 36" in Length

Minelab Long Handle 2-Part sand scoop manufactured strong enough for beach hunting among other types of ground. Comes with a 36" long straight heavy style anodized 2-part aluminum handle. (One part is 24 inches and the other is 12 inches) Use it as a long handle scoop. When the handle is taken apart the lower shaft is only 12 inches long with an additional rubber grip at its end making it a small handle scoop. Aluminum bucket has 5/8" diameter holes punched into the sides and the back of the scoop. The bucket itself is heavy gauge aluminum. Sand scoop is 5" in diameter by 7" long. There is also an aluminum brace at the meeting place of the handle to the bucket for strength. Light weight scoop weighs only 2 pounds. Overall total length of this sand scoop is 41" long.

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Minelab Sand Scoop

Review by Michael B on July 21, 2015

Since the scoop was part of a package deal I gave it 2 stars. However, for the price there are far better choices on the market. I wouldn't recommend this scoop to anyone thinking about purchasing a scoop. The scoop itself and the "short" handle are okay, but the long handle attachment is in my opinion flimsy and cheaply constructed. I fabricated my own long handle extension for the scoop, and also a finer mesh screen on the scoop itself as it's possible for chains and smaller jewelry items to be washed out of the holes in the scoop.

Minelab 2-Part Sand Scoop

Review by David L on November 04, 2014

This aluminum scoop is okay for dry sand, but not the wet. Good for a compact travel scoop to be used once in a while, but not for every day use. Within the first month of use, the handle bent. For the price, you can find a stainless steel scoop that is wider, deeper, stronger, and will last longer. I give two stars only because I hunt about four hours, twice a week, and it lasted a year in wet sand digging before needing a weld.

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