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Top Places to Start Metal Detecting!

Parks, school yards, and beaches are all "go-to" areas for metal detecting.
We have compiled a list of a few places you might not have thought of. Happy Hunting!

#5 - Farmer's Fields

Detect on Farmer's Fields

After harvest, many farmers will give permission for their fields to be searched; you might be surprised what you find. Farms can be a great place to find coins, relics, and other forgotten items that have been lost or buried over the years. If you are on the East Coast, you may be able to find some fascinating Civil War items as many of the battles were fought in fields. At an older farm, you could find old tractor parts or buried caches. Make sure you check the corners of the fields too. Fields aren't the only place to look; farms often have interesting lanes that could prove fruitful. Try searching on either side of the small roads or paths where things might have been dropped. Fences and large trees could be hiding interesting treasures in holes or hollows. Old, abandoned barns or farmhouses should also be searched; coins or other small items could be waiting for you to find them. One thing to keep in mind: make sure you ask for permission before hunting on someone's property.


#4 - Construction Sites

Detect on construction sites

You never know what you could find if you go hunting at an urban construction site. Whether the site was home to previous buildings or the site is breaking new ground, you may be in for a great find! Bulldozers turn the soil, and skim off a good amount of ground, bringing valuable items closer to the surface. You may still need to dig a bit as not all items will be right on the top; but you may be able to detect something that would have been too deep before construction. A construction site might be worth more than one search as well; the top soil will be constantly changing as building progresses. Just like with searching farmer's fields, we recommend asking permission to hunt construction sites.


#3 - Recheck the Hole

Double check previous holes

Sometimes the best place to look is where someone else has already looked. If you find yourself treasure hunting where someone else has already dug up some finds, you may find some great items close or in their old search area or dig site. Old tools and coins left around corners could be indications of previous metal detecting activity; try to find a hard to detect spot most people would not search. Try searching in a grin pattern to find hot spot that have been left unsearched. You may be able to uncover a valuable find just deeper than was searched before.


#2 - The Sidewalk Strip

Check around sidewalks

Sidewalks can be a great area to find untold treasures. The area between the sidewalk and the road is often over looked, leaving coins and jewelry just waiting to be found for years. Since the grassy strips are public property but maintained by the homeowner, you will want to ask permission of the homeowner before searching these areas. If the machine makes a beeping sound over a sidewalk, it could be because the sidewalk is new. Try turning the coil on its edge and sweep; this should increase the chances of finding items.


#1 - Your Own Backyard

Check right in your backyard

Whether you live in an older home or one that was just built, you may have hidden treasures in your own backyard! New to metal detecting? Searching in your own property will help you learn about your new metal detector and get used to the different sounds made when your detector finds different kinds of metals. Even if you are just getting used to a new detector, or simply want to learn what could be hidden on your own property, you may be surprised what you can find.


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