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Gold Metal Detectors - What's the Difference and Do You Need One?

In case you haven't noticed, the price of gold is skyrocketing. There are many reasons for this, all of which are too long to discuss in this guide, but there's no denying it - Gold is going up, up, up! And the more us detectorists find, well, the sooner our metal detectors are paid for!

gold nuggets

So it's no surprise that a question we've gotten a lot lately is : "Do I need a detector specifically made to find gold?"

The answer : "Yes, if you're looking for gold nuggets, gold flakes and gold veins. Not necessarily if you're just looking for gold jewelry."

First, you've got to understand the difference between your regular metal detector and one that's made to search for gold - Don't worry, it's easy.

You see, gold detectors like the Minelab X-Terra 705 Gold Pack, and Eureka Gold or the Fisher Gold Bug DP and Gold Bug Pro as well as White's GMT, Teknetics T2 and G2 Gold are made specifically to find natural gold - That is, gold nuggets, completely untouched or changed by man. These gold detectors are optimized to be more sensitive to natural gold and traditionally have higher frequencies.

1 Gold Detector + 1 Gold Search Coil = 3 Gold Detectors.

For example, the Minelab Eureka Gold metal detector features three frequencies for you to search with using an Exclusive 10" Elliptical coil that can tune itself to each of the 3 Gold frequencies. The 6.4 kHz frequency is for locating targets at their maximum depth, it goes deeper to find the larger nuggets. The 20 kHz frequency is more sensitive, perfect for finding small nuggets and general detecting. Finally there is a 60 kHz frequency which detects the smallest gold flake with super sensitivity.

Minelab X-Terra 705 Gold Pack is the same as having 3 separate Gold Detectors when using optional search coils. The X-Terra 705 Gold Pack comes with the 5x10" (18.75kHz) Double-D elliptical coil as standard,to give you effective depth and ground coverage out in the field. Using 5x10" (18.75kHz) as the standard frequency coil, the X-Terra 705 Gold Pack is especially configured for gold prospecting by allowing the detector user to add optional different size coils with difference frequencies (3kHz) and (7.5kHz) to search the same, or different ground to find Gold nuggets of all sizes. With advanced Iron Mask Discrimination and Ground Balance functions, 705 Gold is perfect for detecting in mineralized goldfield ground.

gold coins

In addition to higher frequencies, gold-specific detectors also have better ground balancing circuits and special coils that are optimized for the highly-mineralized soil that is predominate where gold nuggets can be found (think of 'black sand'). For example: The Garrett AT Gold features 18kHz AT circuitry which gives you the power to detect treasure within heavily mineralized soil and sample ore as well as those dreaded 'hot rocks.' And when you're looking for pure gold nuggets, a more sophisticated circuitry is crucial.

Are you a serious gold hunter who wants the very best "Proven-in-the-Field Gold Detector"? If so, Professional Gold Hunters throughout the world choose the Minelab GPX 5000 and GPX 4500. Both detectors are the latest in the Minelab SD, GP and GPX series that can locate all sizes of gold nuggets from surface to very deep depths. During the last five years, GPX Gold detectors have produced huge amounts of gold in Africa, Russia, China and sparked a new gold rush in the United States. Other choices include the excellent Nokta Golden Gate and Garrett Infinium, an all-purpose detector that can hunt gold in or out of the water. For deep gold veins and large gold targets at depths of 12 to 15 feet, Garrett GTI 2500 Pro with Treasure Hound Eagle Eye Search Coil is highly recommended.

So what about your regular, all-purpose metal detector? Well, there's good news!

Gold detectors as well as Coin detectors can pick up gold jewelry because it has a much greater mass then gold nuggets. Gold jewelry is also easy for many all-purpose metal detectors to pick up because of the other metals that are used to make a specific piece. And while just about any machine will pick up gold jewelry, some of the higher priced models will have twice the sensitivity for gold jewelry - the Minelab X-Terra Series, Minelab SDC 2300 and Fisher's F75 and F4 are just a few off the top of my head that are excellent for finding gold jewelry. The Garrett GTI 2500 and Garrett ATX are also well-known for their gold jewelry capabilities

Meanwhile, if you have a submersible detector like the Minelab Excalibur Series, Garrett Infinium LS and Fisher 1280x, you're even better off. These machines are made to balance through salt water and highly mineralized ground, so they're highly effective at finding gold jewelry.

So the moral of this story : Gold prices are going up and your chances are your gold detector and all-purpose metal detector will find all the gold jewelry you could want!

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