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25 Best Metal Detecting Sites

Treasure MapWhile there are literally hundreds of places to use your metal detector to find coins, rings, jewelry, gold, relics, and even real buried and hidden treasures, you must keep one important piece of information in mind - You must go where people have been, where they lived, where they worked and played. From as far back as you can find to even today - What are people doing? Where do they work and play? What places do they visit?

People lose coins, rings, jewelry, and other treasures everywhere they go.All kinds of valuables are lost or hidden for safekeeping. Many valuable treasures are buried and, for unknown reasons, the owners never come back to retrieve them. All these millions of coins and tens of thousands of dollars in rings and jewelry have never been found!


All the sites listed below are ones that have been submitted by our valued customers and members of the Kellyco Test Team who are devoted treasure hunters. Happy hunting and good luck on your metal detecting adventures!

Where To Go Metal Detecting

  1. Parks
  2. Schoolyards
  3. Playgrounds
  4. Fairgrounds
  5. Picnic Areas
  6. Recreational Vehicle Parks
  7. Amusement Parks
  8. Carnival Sites
  9. Swimming Areas such as Lakes and Rivers
  10. Seaside Beaches
  11. Sand, Dirt or Grassy Parking Areas
  12. Old Home Sites
  1. Old School Sites
  2. Children's Summer Camps
  3. Fishing Camps
  4. Hunting Camps
  5. Under Grandstands and Bleachers
  6. Under Ski Lifts
  7. Churchyards
  8. Old Military Bases
  9. Old Campgrounds
  10. Roadside Produce Stands
  11. Around any Resort Area
  12. Stock Car Speedway
  13. Small Circus Grounds

New Suggestions:
August 13, 2008

Abandoned Areas:
Where I live there are two trailer parks that have been here for 50 to 75 years. Developers bought the property and the trailers will all be gone or abandoned soon. Looking forward to searching them.

I also drive out of the city to the country and look for the remains of old houses, barns or whatever looks empty and run down. Great places to detect.

May 2009

Winter Sledding Spots:
One place I always go back to is where folks go sledding in the winter. Some of these areas have been used for generations. The most targets are at the top and the bottom of the hill.

May 2009

Ice Cream Truck Route:
Everybody has an ice cream man/woman who drives their noisy truck thru the area, watch to see where his regular stops are and search there!! KIDS+POCKETS FULL OF CHANGE+ TOTAL DISTRACTION TO GET ICE CREAM= LOTS OF COINS ON THE GROUND!! Happy Hunting!!

June 2009

Old Railroad Rail Lines:
The country is crisscrossed with old and abandoned railroad railroad line. Many abandoned rail beds have been converted to "Rails-to-Trail" hiking, horseback riding, and bicycling trails and are easy to find. Others are overgrown but can be spotted by their constant-grade profile. Old maps in your state library will show the location of many old railroad lines. Once located, and permission to prospect is granted, begin your search in the areas around the old station buildings. These are the most productive area as coins were handled there. But under no circumstance should you approach active railroad lines because of the obvious danger from trains and the sensitivity of railroad police to intruders -- this is especially true since 9/11. Please use good judgement when metal detecting for everyone's sake.

June 2009

Rivers and Waterways:
Many towns, villages and cities throughout North America boast significant historical value. Do not overlook the shoreline along rivers and waterways adjacent to those communities. Since water routes were the major means of travel over past centuries, there is much to find along the banks. I have found everything from old money to firearms, native trinkets, metal money boxes (sometimes with contents intact), fobs, watches and even nagivational instruments. Don't forget to search out into the water a ways. This is where it is important to own a waterproof detector. The past is waiting to be discovered right in your own community.

November 2009

City Drains:
Most cities have storm drains that eventually dump into rivers or streams. Where the concrete ends and the dirt or gravel begins has been a productive site for me. - Ned O.

October 2011

Grassy Areas:
Another suggestion would also be old telephone booths, especially ones that are located with some grassy areas around them. Municipal swimming pools that also have grass 
around them. About anywhere that there are grassy areas is a good place to look. People lose money, and jewelry in the grass and cannot find it - Randy R.

Bus Stops / Roadside:
Roadside yardsales…gonna go hit one today. Every Sunday they set up along a main road and the crowds roll in. Bus stops. Places where summer outside movies are shown on the side of buildings. - Gray C.

November 2011

Airport Public Viewing Areas:
I have a suggestion for a location. Airport public viewing areas. I have found all kinds of coins at these locations. People sit on the grass and kids are playing as they wait for the planes to land or take off - losing all kinds of change and rings. - Dean M

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