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Kellyco's Online Metal Detector Library

Are you an aspiring treasure hunter looking for a few places to hunt? Searching for where to start? Or, are you an experienced gold prospector that wants to find a creative area to find those gold flakes? If you fall into any category of novice detectorist to gold ring recovery expert - this unique section of Kellyco is for you!


A Letter from Our Founder Stu Auerbach : To All My Fellow Detectorists -
-   An opportunity to donate your metal detector finds to the Kellyco Showroom Museum.

Welcome to Kellyco - Visit our Showroom!
-   Learn about Kellyco Metal Detectors and take a virtual tour of our super store!

History of Kellyco
-   Take a look into the history of Kellyco Metal Detectors over the past 60+ years.

How to Choose the Right Metal Detector: The Top 5 Questions
-   Every metal detector user has pondered these!

Treasure Finds / Stories
-   Treasure stories and finds from metal detectorists and customers of Kellyco.

Compare Your Metal Detector Before You Buy
-   Compare up to five metal detectors! The features of each detector will be listed side-by-side for you to compare!

How To Select A Metal Detector
-   Important points to consider before selecting a detector.

Video Library
-   Informative videos to help you learn and become a better detectorist.

Metal Detector & Product Reviews
-   Reviews by you, our customers, on our many detectors, accessories and more.

Field Test Reports
-   Informative testing and reporting on functionality and effectiveness of metal detectors.

Metal Detecting Clubs
-   Featured Metal Detecting & Treasure Hunting Clubs from each state. Find one near you!

Kellyco Events
-   Features All Upcoming Kellyco Metal Detector Events. Look for an Event coming near you.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions & Answers on Metal Detecting
-   Everything from operation to search coils, headphones, batteries and more!

History of Metal Detectors
-   Learn about the first detector prototype, the men and the technologies that helped shape the modern metal detector.

Metal Detecting Terminology
-   An A to Z source for all words related to metal detecting.

Now What: You Bought a Metal Detector, What's Next?
-  With these tips, the novice detectorist can be busy for quite a while!

Top Places to Start Metal Detecting
-   Comprehensive guide on the top areas to start your search for treasure!

10 Good Reasons to Own a Metal Detector
-  Good for your health, fun, family oriented - our list has extended to almost twenty!

12 Ways To Find Older Areas To Hunt
-  The older they are the more valuable and interesting your treasure will be!

25 Best Metal Detecting Sites
-  A thorough list of the top sites for any treasure hunter!

Treasure Hunters Code of Ethics
-  Things to keep in mind while treasure hunting!

Can I Metal Detect in My State Park?
-   Are you allowed to metal detect in your state park? Here's some info. When in doubt, ask first!

Metal Detectors Can Make You A Successful Park Hunter
-   Steps showing how to become a great park hunter written by Bill Paxton.

Understanding and Selecting Walk-Through Security Metal Detectors
-   Learn about different walk-through detectors, their features and which one best fits the security needs of the situation.

Best Security Wand Metal Detectors
-   Learn about different types of security wands, their features and which one best fits the security needs of the situation.

Garrett AT Pro vs. Garrett AT Gold
-   Compare these top models from Garrett and see which one might be best for you.

Garrett's Three "Be's" of Treasure Hunting
- Charles Garrett, master treasure hunter and author, offers basics for beginners.

The Best Two Box and Deep Metal Detectors
-   Explore the possibilities that come from using a two box, professional metal detector.

Gold Detectors - What's the Difference and Do You Need One?
-  The price of Gold is going up, up, up! And the more us detectorists find, well, the sooner our machines are paid for!

What is the Best Metal Detector for Gold?
-  Helpful tools to finding the best gold metal detector to suit your needs.

Hunting Diamonds and Gemstones with a Metal Detector
-   Tips on what to look for when out searching for diamonds and gemstones!

Find a Fallen Star - Everything You Need to Know about Meteorites!
-  The who, what, where, when and why of finding a fallen star!

Best Beginners Metal Detectors
-   Information on which metal detectors are best suited for beginners!

Best Metal Detector Information For New Owners
-   Information on on how to successfully test your metal detector!

Best Metal Detectors For Finding Gold
-   Gold Detecting Tips From A "Pro".

Best Metal Detectors For Finding Coins
-   Steps showing how to become a great coin hunter written by Bill Paxton.

Best Metal Detectors For Coin Hunting
-   Information on what metal detectors work best for coin hunting.

Best Metal Detectors For Finding Relics
-   Steps showing how to become a great relic hunter written by Andy Sabisch.

Best Metal Detectors To Use In Cities
-   Information on how to become a great urban treasure hunter written by Bill Paxton.

Best Metal Detectors To Use On A Beach
-   Information on how to become a great salt water hunter written by Bill Paxton.

Metal Detecting at the Beach
-   Insight on what to consider before you go detecting at the beach, and which types of detectors work best.

Best Metal Detectors For Fresh Water Beaches & Lakes
-   Information on how to become a great beach hunter written by Andy Sabisch.

Beach Hunting Tips From A Successful Detectorist
-   Look For The Best Places To Hunt!

Best Underwater Metal Detectors
-   Information on which metal detectors are best suited for treasure hunting underwater.

Best Tools & Methods To Recover Your Finds
-   Information on how to thoughtfully recover targets keeping the environment and the target itself in mind.

Best Sand Scoops for Metal Detecting
-   What to consider when choosing a scoop. The right scoop allows targets to be recovered much faster and with greater ease.

Finding The Best Digging Trowels and Shovels for Metal Detecting
-   Information on what types of shovels and trowels work best to successfully recover a target.

EXcelerator Search Coils
-   Information about the multiple benefits and technology behind EXcelerator search coils.

Cleaning Tips for Metal Detector Finds
-   Includes methods to clean coins without causing damage.

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