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RNB Innovations LI-ION HP3100 12V Recharge Battery System (White's) *Li

Sku: 1582-HP3100
Allows 25+ Hours of Detecting Time. Compatible with Multiple White's Metal Detectors. *This Product Cannot Ship Expedited (Air)

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RNB Innovations LI-ION HP3100 12V Recharge Battery System (White's)
Allows 25+ Hours of Detecting Time. Compatible with Multiple White's Metal Detectors. *This Product Cannot Ship Expedited (Air)

Hunt For Days Not Hours. Get the longest Battery Run Time! With LI-ION 12V you get 25+ Hours of Detecting Time. Longer run-time! All-New RNB LI-ION HP3100 12V Smart Battery Recharge System! Super Fast Smart charger will completely charge your battery in less then 2 hours. Smart charger technology tells you when the HP3100 battery is completely charged, just wait till the LED on the smart charger goes from red to green, and its that simple! Unplug the Smart battery and put it in your detector and your ready to hunt! Detect All Day Everyday! Covered by a 1 year unconditional warranty.

Compatible White’s Metal Detectors : V3, V3i, TDi-SL, Spectra Series, MXT, MXT PRO, M6, GMT, GMZ, TDI SL, ULA / Sierra Madre, Classic 4, Classic 5ID, XLT and DFX -- *Will NOT Fit the White's BeachHunter 300 Metal Detector

Any other White's Metal Detector using the standard SL Penlight Holder Part Number : 802-7150

What's Included:

  • Smart Home Charger
  • One Year Unconditional Warranty

RNB Innovations LI-ION HP3100 12V Recharge Battery System (White's)


  • 1 Year Unconditional Warranty
  • Hunt for Days on a Single Charge
  • Cost Effective, Never Buy an Alkaline Battery Again
  • Battery Pack Loads and Unloads with Two Finger Ease
  • Smart Charger Technology Tells you the Battery Pack is Fully Charged
  • Holds a Charge for Months at a Time with No Need for Trickle Charge
  • Charges in Less than 2 Hours and will Hold 97% of that Charge in a Year
  • Get Twice or MORE the Battery Life of a White's Rechargeable Battery Pack
  • High Capacity Lithium-ion Delivers Long Life Run Time with Fade-Free Power
  • Smart Home Charger Shuts Off Automatically when Fully Charged and Shows a Green LED

Customer Reviews

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5.0 average of 4 review(s)

There is No Doubt it is Great

Review by Rob O on October 11, 2012

The battery outlasts the NIMH batteries by a large margin. One of the biggest advantages is after weeks of sitting the battery still holds it's charge and is ready to go. 5 Stars!!

Thanks RNB for a Great Product

Review by Chris M on July 05, 2012

I used the AW-2200 prototype battery on several different White's machines (White’s MXT Pro, M6, XLT and DFX) , but the primary testing was done on my White's MXT Pro. The battery functioned flawlessly in the machine, and the length of service was outstanding, I believe the average run time I would get from a single charge was approximately 60 hours and I actually only ran it completely down to discharge 2 or 3 times in the 6 months of use.

The battery seems to have no diminished capacity loss due to recharging the battery before it has been completely run down, which would indicate the battery has no real memory as do so many rechargeable battery packs. I have been very surprised at the continued performance of this unit and will certainly buy another one for my other White's machines.

Thanks RNB for a great product

It Just Keeps on Going

Review by Brent E on July 05, 2012

I got one of the prototype batteries many months ago for my MXT PRO and am quite impressed. It outlasts Duracells by weeks per charge! It is really amazing how it just keeps on going and... well you know. The finished product looks way cool too guys! What about one of these LI battery pack for my Minelab?

Very Impressed with this Fine Product

Review by Gary C on July 05, 2012

I have been using the AW-2200 in an older White's 6000 XL Pro machine. The battery life is most impressive and I think the physical design is excellent. The battery is very easy to remove from the detector and significantly lighter in weight than standard batteries or factory rechargeable packs. Every ounce of reduced weight adds up to a more enjoyable detecting experience out in the field. My 6000 XL pro just keeps on purring along on this battery for days of hard hunting for many hours. My 6000 just runs better on this battery - more stability and I swear even a bit more usable depth (vs the factory rechargable pack - which frankly doesn't compare, or regular alkaline batteries) due to the consistent power the machine is drawing from this fine piece of engineering. I have found the same result as another reviewer has stated as well - that the battery seems to have no diminished capacity when recharging before it has fully discharged- excellent! Again I will say that I am very impressed with this fine product - so much so that I look forward to getting the new battery that will be available soon for the new E-TRAC I just purchased.

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