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A Letter from Our Founder Stu Auerbach : To All My Fellow Detectorists

Stu with Display

Presently our Museum has many cabinets filled with “Treasures”. Most are from my personal collection of metal detector finds spanning almost 60 years while others are from some of my old detecting buddies (no longer with us) as well as finds by Kellyco Test Team members and local detectorists. While these displays are a real thrill for visitors when they see (up close) glittering cases of gold and silver coins, gold bars as well as relics from the Spanish Treasure Fleet recovered from our Florida beaches and ocean waters next to a pair of encrusted engraved pirate pistols from the 16th century, flintlock blunderbuss pistols, (four) large thousand pound Iron cannons, as well as one very large collection of over 25,000 locally dug coins rings, watches, gold chains plus a collection of Roman and Celtic relics and coins, the Museum still needs more displays. Not only for the many thousands of people who visit Kellyco from all corners of America, but also a huge number of foreign visitors who travel to Florida. Most are detectorists who make sure they visit our showroom and museum while in the U.S.

Display Case 1

Our “Battlefield” cases really need some help, especially our Civil War displays. We desperately need authentic (metal detector) “dug” or cleaned relics and artifacts from any and all fights, skirmishes, battles, encampments, road marches, etc. Unfortunately, there are very few Civil War sites in Florida to detect so we do not have many CW items on display. We would definitely welcome and display any items hopefully sent from all different parts of the U.S., from any State where traces of Civil War relics were and are being found. We want as many people as possible to see the benefits of metal detector finds throughout America that were once lost from sight in the ground but now can be seen and enjoyed by everyone, young and old.

If you have any spare or duplicate “dug” items Union or Confederate, from Musket Balls to cannonballs, foot soldier or officer belt buckles, box plates, to swords, knifes, pistols, uniform buttons, insignia, or “whatever”, small or large, in any condition, we would really appreciate your help if you would possibly donate whatever you can to the Showroom Museum.

Display Case 2

The Museum also needs items from any military activity including Florida Seminole Wars, War of 1812, American Revolution, Western (Plains) Indian Battles, French and Indian War even WWII collectibles for those detectorists in the military.

We work closely with Boy Scouts of America Leaders and scout troops as well as school groups who visit our Metal Detecting Museum to not only let these groups see REAL historic items on display, but stress the fact that these items were first located with a metal detector then dug up and recovered, now making it possible for them to be able to see history up close. Many displays are interactive where visitors can actually touch and hold relics from the 16th and 17th century.

Perhaps you have some items found with a metal detector now in a desk drawer or in a box or can sitting on a shelf that you were going to do something with some day and never got around to it. Why not take this opportunity now to donate those items to the showroom Treasure Museum where others can enjoy viewing your finds? We will gladly accept ALL donations!

All items donated will identify the person by name or initials, (you tell us) who sent in the item or items, with general location or area where they were found, any action such as Civil War contact or from an old Colonial site, ghost town, etc. will be noted. Any pictures of the actual “dig” would be appreciated but not necessary.

All items donated will be posted on our website and Facebook. You will be recognized officially as a Special Contributor to the advancement of Metal Detecting by making your Treasure Finds available in a FREE Museum for everyone to view.

You’re welcome to visit The Kellyco Treasure Museum and Showroom in person and drop off any donations. Or if you are out of our area, all you need to do is pack your items safely in a box or large padded container add any information about the “finds”, general location, etc. insure the package or parcel and send it to:



Kellyco Metal Detectors
1085 Belle Avenue
Winter Springs, FL 32708

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