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Walk-through metal detectors are all built to meet specific needs of your school or business. Benefits include:

  • Ease of Installation- Detectors are lightweight and contain only a few major parts. This allows you to place them at any entrance and move them whenever necessary.
  • Toughened Against Tampering- Detectors have strong tamper-proof security settings, minimizing the risk that outside attackers will compromise them.
  • Selective Sensitivity- Products have over 200 sensitivity settings, allowing you to detect objects of any size without worrying about false alarms.
  • Weather Resistance- Detectors are designed to keep moisture and debris out and remain operational in a wide range of conditions.

What to Look for in a Detector

One of the most important features to look for in a walk-through metal detector is a wide range of sensitivity settings. Contrary to popular belief, it is not always ideal to keep your metal detector on the highest possible sensitivity setting.

Highly sensitive detectors do indeed pick up metal easily, but they are also more susceptible to interference from local transformers, radio signals, or trace amounts of metal in your building. Such interference may lead you to detect metal on a student who has none, causing you and your staff to waste time inspecting that student. The more sensitivity settings, the easier it is to compensate for such problems.

Buy a model that is lightweight and easy to move. The easier it is to transfer your metal detector from one doorway to another, the better you can plan for special occasions. Most schools have events in which relying solely on the primary entrance is difficult. Say your school's gym is far from the primary entrance, and you plan to hold a dance there. Do you force students to enter the primary entrance and walk all the way to the gym, or do you take the risk of letting them use a closer entrance?

Finally, make sure to buy a walk-through metal detector that can resist outside tampering. Whether as a prank or to bring metal objects into the school, computer- or tech-savvy students may interfere with your metal detectors, either physically breaking them or using software to compromise their detection abilities. This can cost you hundreds in repair while leaving you vulnerable to security risks. Tamper-proof metal detector settings can counter hackers, while sturdy overhead caps can prevent damage from the weather and physical attacks alike.

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