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Security Handhelds & Wands

Many buildings need an extra level of security through the use of handheld metal detectors. These convenient tools are carefully made to provide your staff with a comfortable way to quickly and effectively search the crowd. Metal detector wands keep the staff inside focused on the tasks at hand and not about who's coming into the structure. Whether you need a full set for every guard or employee or you just need a single replacement, we have a wide variety to choose from. Court houses, police stations, and schools can all benefit from having an extra layer of defense against the unknown.

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Tips for Choosing a Handheld Security Metal Detector

A good handheld metal detector is sensitive enough to catch even small items that may be concealed. Kellyco has products that fit easily in your hand and are simple to use. You can find self-calibrating detectors, so you won't have to constantly adjust the settings throughout the day—or select from wands that have both vibrating and sound alert options. Every product page lists the descriptions in everyday language, so you can be sure you're picking the right features for your needs. For example, if your nightclub bouncer needs to use a metal detector wand outside, then you can search for a weatherproof model to avoid unnecessary malfunction. Look for information that includes the size, weight, frequency settings, battery life, and operation information, as all of this gives you a better indication as to how it will withstand various conditions. Handheld wands have high sensitivity and many can detect a box cutter or knife at up to a few inches away. Find ones which can attach to belts for easy carrying and less chance of accidental falls. Kellyco offers you every way to do fast research, so you can make the right decision and buy in confidence. 

Why Purchase Your Metal Detector From Kellyco?

The right tools can make all of the difference in any job, so it's extremely important you take into account how you will be using these handheld security metal detectors. Once you determine that, you can find everything you need at Kellyco. You're also getting a huge variety of items at unbeatable deals. After 60 years of experience, they have found the working relationships with their suppliers to get you the best prices. Trust Kellyco to stay up-to-date with new technology and continually strive to bring you a superior experience. Kellyco offers you smart investment choices that are durable and long-lasting, so check here first for whatever you need.

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