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$200.00 - $799.99 Law Enforcement & Security Crime Scene Investigation

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  • Aquascan 43" Ferrite Hi-Power Adjustable Probe (AQ1B)

    Aquascan 43" Ferrite Hi-Power Adjustable Probe (AQ1B)

    43" Ferrite Hi-Power Adjustable Probe (AQ1B)
    Sku: 1323-AQ3042
  • Minelab Equinox 600 Metal Detector shown with headphones included from Kellyco Metal Detectors

    Minelab Equinox 600 Metal Detector

    Through July 31, get a free Pro-Find 20 with the purchase of an Equinox 600. Bundle availability may vary through offer period. 

    • 3 Detecting Modes : Park, Beach and Field
    • Operating Frequencies : Multi, 5kHz, 10kHz, 15kHz
    • Simultaneous Multi-Frequency : For Maximum Performance, Plus a Wide Range of Single Frequencies
    • Wireless Audio : Compatible with Ultra-Fast Wireless Audio with the WM 08, and Fast aptX™ Low Latency / Bluetooth Headphones
    • 6 Custom Search Profiles : Each Detect Mode Features 2 Custom Search Profiles so you can Save your Favorite Settings in Each Mode
    Includes $24 in FREE Accessories!
    Sku: 237-37200001
  • 1.5" (4cm) High Ferrite Power Probe (AQ1B)

    Aquascan 1.5" High Ferrite Power Probe (AQ1B)

    • Length: 100' (30m) Long Cable
    • Compatibility: Aquascan Aquapulse AQ1B Metal Detector
    • Waterproof: Up to 100 feet
    Sku: 1323-AQ3043
  • Garrett AT Max Metal Detector / Pro-Pointer AT Z-Lynk Special shown with accessories from Kellyco Metal Detectors

    Garrett AT Max Metal Detector / Pro-Pointer AT Z-Lynk Special

    • Warranty : Protected by a 2 Year Limited Warranty
    • Weight : 3.40 lb (1.54 kg) - AT Max, 0.61 lb (0.28 kg) - Pro-Pointer AT
    • Backlight : Illuminates LCD Screen for Improved Visibility in Low-Light Situations
    • True All Metal Mode : Detects All Types of Metal and Provides the Greatest Possible Detection Depth and Sensitivity
    • Volume Control : Built-In Volume Adjustment Allowing Control of the Detector Volume when Operated without Headphones
    • Maximum Detection Depth : Increased Transmit Power and Enhanced Electronics Provides AT Max with Significant Depth Increase
    • Optimized Frequency : 13.6 kHz Operating Frequency 
    • Built-in Z-Lynk™ Wireless Technology : Six Times Faster than Bluetooth Speed! Auto Pairing. No Cables, and No Interference from Other Wireless Devices
    • High Resolution Ground Balance : Automatic and Manually Adjustable for Improved Performance. Includes 175 points of Ground Balance Resolution for Conductive Soils (such as saltwater beaches) and Highly Mineralized Ground
    • Automatic Ground Balance Window™ : Simultaneously Ground Balance to a Range of Values to Help Overcome Localized Ground Variations. By Reducing Subtle Ground Responses, the Automatic Ground Balance Window Smooths Detector Audio and Allows the User to Hear Faint Targets
    • Includes : 8.5x11" PROformance DD Search Coil Plus FREE Pro-Pointer AT Pinpointer & Metal Detecting / Treasure Hunting Accessories
    Includes $24 in FREE Accessories!
    Sku: 14-1142062
  • Nokta Makro TMD-101 Metal Detector

    Nokta Makro TMD-101 Metal Detector

    • Very Simple Operation: Single menu design saves valuable detecting time.
    • IP68: Fully submersible up to 5 meters (16.4ft) and protected from total dust ingress.
    • Search Modes: Static (Non-motion) and Dynamic (Motion)
    • 2-Tone Discrimination; Dynamic mode offers target separation for ferrous and non-ferrous metals.
    • Built-in Wireless Module: Compatible with 2.4GHz Nokta Makro Green Edition Wireless Headphones.
    • Online Firmware Updates: TMD-101 can be updated easily via USB on PC. Retractable Shaft: Shaft retracts down to 76cm (30''). Great for easy transport, storage as well as diving!
    • Built-in Lipo Battery: Easily charge it with the supplied charger or a USB powerbank. Provides up to 19 hours of use.
    Sku: 1448-11000615
  • Aquascan 36" Adjustable AQ1B Probe (.75" in Diameter)

    Aquascan 36" Adjustable Probe (AQ1B)

    • Waterproof: Fully Waterproof Probe,
    • Dimensions: 36 inches in length, .75 inches in diameter
    • Uses: Searching in Small Crevices and Digging Amongst Sand and Silt.
    Sku: 1323-AQ3041
  • Garrett AT Pro metal detector and MS-2 headphones

    Garrett AT Pro Metal Detector

    • Total Weight : 3.03 lbs (1.37 kgs)
    • Frequency : 15 kHz Frequency
    • Warranty : 2 Year Limited Warranty
    • Waterproof : Submersible in Up to Ten Feet of Water
    • All Terrain Versatility : Usable in Humid, Wet or Dry Conditions with All Terrain Versatility
    • Iron Audio™ : Hear Discriminated Iron and Alter the Metal Detector's Mid-Tone Signal Range with Iron Audio
    • High-Res Iron Discrimination : Can Be Set to Separate Valuable Targets from Trash with One to Forty Levels of Iron Discrimination
    • Pro Mode Audio : Hear Subtle Changes in a Target's Response for Better Judgment of Target's Size, Conductivity, Depth and Shape with Proportional and Tone Roll Audio
    Includes $24 in FREE Accessories!
    Sku: 14-1140460
  • Garrett CSI 250 Ground Search Metal Detector shown at an angeled profile

    Garrett CSI 250 Ground Search Metal Detector

    • Frequency : 6.5 kHz
    • Warranty : 2 Year Limited
    • Total Weight : 2.7 lbs (1.2 kgs)
    • Notch Discrimination : To Modify Discrimination Patterns
    • Continuous Coin Depth Indicator : To Determine Target Depth
    • Expanded Target ID Legend : Easy-To-Read Above Large LCD Screen
    Includes $24 in FREE Accessories!
    Sku: 720-1140070
  • Garrett Sea Hunter Mark II metal detector with underwater headphones

    Garrett Sea Hunter Mark II Metal Detector

    • Warranty : 1 Year Limited Warranty
    • Frequency : 750 Pulses Per Second
    • Total Weight : 5.1 lbs (2.6 kgs)
    • Circuit Type : Cancels Salt & Ground Mineralizations with Pulse Induction Circuitry
    • Submersion Depth : Submersible at 200 Feet Deep
    Includes $24 in FREE Accessories!
    Sku: 14-1151970

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