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  • Teknetics Accessory Bundle (T2)

    Bundled T2 accessories for detectorists: includes branded Teknetics hat, backpack, 5" DD search coil + cover, battery kit + AA batteries, etc.
    SKU: AB-T2
  • GPAA 1 Year Membership Kit

    SKU: wkit1yr
  • GPAA 2 Year Membership Kit

    Your complete 2-year membership kit from the prestigious GPAA. Includes the best mining guide, GPAA branded kits, snuffer bottle, etc.
    SKU: wkit2yr
  • GPAA 3 Year Membership Kit

    Exclusively for serious miners, this GPAA 3-year membership kit includes a 3 year activation plan, prospectors magazine, mining guide, etc.
    SKU: wkit3yr
  • Minelab Gloves and Pouch

    Keep your palms protected with these Minelab gloves and never lose a grain with these high-quality pouch
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