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White's Ground Hawg Shovel

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For Hardcore Hunters Who Need a Hefty Shovel, We've Developed the Ground Hawg. Includes a Blade Sheath & 2 Year Warranty through Whites Electronics

White's Ground Hawg Shovel
For Hardcore Hunters Who Need a Hefty Shovel, We've Developed the Ground Hawg. Includes a Blade Sheath & 2 Year Warranty through Whites Electronics

This heavy duty digger does double time on roots, clay, rocks, and other challenging conditions. Twin serrated edges tear through the toughest earth, and the wide blade makes digging larger plugs easy without damaging your target. The extended length also means you don’t need to stoop to dig.

The blade on the GROUND HAWG is specifically designed for the perfect plug – with 3 cuts you have a 6" wide and 7" deep cube. Shallow targets (under 7") show up in the plug, while deeper targets (over 7") will still be in the hole… but should be within reach of your TRX Pinpointer or trusty DigMaster Digger if further excavation is required.

*2 Year Warranty through Whites Electronics.

**CAUTION: This shovel is sharp, and can inflict serious bodily harm if misused. Please check local ordinances to see if you need a permit for such a destructive implement.


  • Weight : 2.85 lbs
  • Blade Width : 5.5"
  • Blade Length : 7.5"
  • Overall Length : 36"

Factory Included:

  • White's Blade Sheath
  • White's 2 Year Warranty
Customer Reviews

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5.0 average of 8 reviews

Incredible digging tool!

Review by Bob Lee on March 24, 2020

I purchased this shovel along with a Minelab 800 during an in-house visit to Kellyco in Casselberry. Katie, the sales rep, was exceptionally helpful. I'm not sure you could break this shovel if you tried. I've dug hundreds, and hundreds of holes with it, chopped roots and it looks about like it did when I first saw it on the showroom floor. My only wish is that the handle was forty inches long rather than 36". Not sure why these types of shovels are not made a few inches longer. I think it would make a world of difference in ease of digging and dragging the shovel behind when actively walking and swinging. From my research there is not a quality metal detecting shovel on the market longer than 36." DO NOT BUY A SHOVEL SHORTER THAN 36".

Great product

Review by Bcass2 on January 28, 2020

White's Groung Hawg shovel is made very well. Very strong and great service from Kellyco.

Ground Hawg Shovel

Review by Bcass2 on January 24, 2020

I received my Ground Hawg Shovel today and was very surprised at the heavy duty quality. I also appreciate how fast I received it from KELLYCO; within 3 days. I am an old customer of KELLYCO and always will be one.They are helpful, honest
and have great prices. Thank you KELLYCO!

It's great!

Review by Penny on November 29, 2019

It's all you need! Sharp , small but heavy duty!!


Review by Appalachian History Detectives on October 19, 2019

I look forward to using this


Review by Frank215 on August 30, 2019

A very tough shovel. Will go though anything the last shovel you will buy.

Cuts through sod and roots like butter.

Review by Dan W. on August 23, 2019

The blade is sharp as an ax, so you’ll appreciate the included sheath when carrying it inside your vehicle. It’s a little bigger than some treasure hunting shovels with a blade that’s 5 1/2” wide, but still cuts a nice 6” plug. Length over all is 36”. Well built and heavy duty, and the welds look solid.


Review by Rutnbuc on March 11, 2018

My first thought was I must be crazy to pay 50.00 + bucks on a mere shovel. But let me tell ya, best damn shovel I ever used. At 6'2" and 296 lbs. I've busted many shovels in my life. Not this one. I've leaned so hard on this shovel, I thought it was gonna break or at least bend, but no to my surprise it will not bend under the hardest use. Perfect fit with the shovel holster sold here at Kellyco. And it makes recovery super fast. Most times I don't even have to kneel down. Just pop a fair size plug, check with detector to see if my target is in the hole or the plug, draw the pin pointer to find. Makes hard ground easy. Soft ground super easy. And roots of little concern. Robust 5 star MAN SHOVEL. And it looks cool to boot. Bad area, bad guys, hell of an improvised weapon. Serious tool, for serious people. Harden tempered steel, no aluminum, plastic, wood or fiberglass.

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