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This laser-cut, hand-welded shovel is powder-coated and heat-treated. It's a total 12" long with a 7" long blade, which measures 2 inches across. It features a rubber handle and a diamond-shaped gusset between the handle and blade.

Product Description

This laser-cut, hand-welded, vulcan black shovel is powder-coated and heat-treated. It's a total of 12" long with a 7" long blade, which measures 2 inches across. It features a rubber handle that's tapered for a great grip.

These shovels measure a 50 on the Rockwell scale, which is a scale that describes the hardness of a metal. That translates to ultimate durability, excellent longevity, and superior ground penetration.

Designed specifically for metal detecting enthusiasts, the Sidekick really stands out with its unique design and vibrant color.

The Sidekick is a hand-held version rather than a full-size shovel like the Snubnose, Tombstone or Nemesis.

The body of the shovel is diamond-shaped instead of round, which makes it three times stronger! It's notched with a diamond-shaped gusset between the handle and the blade for added support, and the serrated edge and tip make digging easier, especially if you encounter any kind of roots or rock.

Grave Digger Tools are made in the USA in small, handcrafted batches. The maker, Eric Wallace, focuses on quality over quantity and pays attention to all the little details.

He began metal detecting after he bought a home built in 1864. Inspired by TV shows that showed people detecting, he purchased a detector and started the hunt. It wasn't long, though, before the shovel he was using broke.

With a background in industrial equipment, he decided to make a few shovels himself.

The rest is history.

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    • ★★★★★ Strong, great penetration

    Review by David on February 18, 2020

    I've used this on about 10 digs and very satisfied. Triangular gusset at junction of handle and blade gives you confidence when you lever up the plug.

    Because there is no belly on the sides of this blade, it doesn't cut sideways as well as trowels with belly. But the penetration is excellent, even in packed dry soil, straight in like a spearpoint. I don't cut sideways much with the GD Sidekick but circumcise the plug by repeated penetrations.

    Saws through roots 1/2 inch in one or two downtrokes. With thicker roots I swing the Sidekick like a machete and it severs them in a few blows. This is a very strong, no nonsense tool.

    Also because no "spoon" in this blade it doesn't lift out soil so well as trowels with spoon. But I'll take penetration. You can't go wrong with the GD Sidekick.

    West Virginia
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