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Grave Digger Tools 18" Snubnose Black T-Handle Shovel

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This Vulcan Black laser-cut, hand-welded shovel is powder-coated and heat-treated. The blade is 7 inches long and 3.5 inches across. This shovel has a total length of 18 inches. 

This laser-cut, hand-welded, Vulcan Black Snubnose shovel is powder-coated and heat-treated. These blades are CNC machine-sharpened, so use caution while you're using it. The edges are sharp!

The blade on the Snubnose is 7 inches long and 3.5 inches wide. The total length of this shovel is 18 inches.

The Snubnoses have a triangle-shaped blade.

These shovels measure a 50 on the Rockwell scale, which is a scale that describes the hardness of a metal. That translates to ultimate durability, excellent longevity, and superior ground penetration.

These shovels were designed specifically for metal detecting enthusiasts!

The handle of the shovel is diamond-shaped instead of round, which makes it three times stronger! It's notched with a diamond-shaped gusset between the handle and the blade for added support, and the serrated edges and tip make digging easier, especially if you encounter any kind of roots or rock.

Grave Digger Tools are made in the USA in small, handcrafted batches. The maker, Eric Wallace, focuses on quality over quantity and pays attention to all the little details.

He began metal detecting after he bought a home built in 1864. Inspired by TV shows that showed people detecting, he purchased a detector and started the hunt. It wasn't long, though, before the shovel he was using broke.

With a background in industrial equipment, he decided to make a few shovels himself.

The rest is history.

Customer Reviews

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5.0 average of 3 reviews

A big trowel with the power of a shovel. A total winner

Review by David on February 24, 2020

After using the GD Snubnose 18 inch a month, completely satisfied with it. It is more of a big trowel than a shovel. A one-hand tool. Extremely strong. Excellent grade steel and the teeth rip right through roots. I place my boot on the ledge and grasp the T handle and saw up and down and quickly take out the bigger roots. With four or five cuts you have a neat, tight plug 6 inches deep that usually captures the coin. It's light and short, good if you're doing sneaky pete. The paint is well-applied. The welds are neat and strong. Now I usually leave my trowel in the truck and carry only the Snub 18.

Purchased as gift for bro-in-law in habit of breaking shovels

Review by Lenny on December 17, 2019

Item looks to be Tony proof

Great product owned one before kellyco took them on.

Review by Trey on September 16, 2019

Great product made strong and great for woods hunting and fields. Had my tombstone for over a year and this should make a great pack shovel for hiking.
Kellyco was great with shipping and price point.

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