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Gold Hunt 2019

Kellyco Metal Detectors

Have you always pictured yourself as an adventurer, traveling the world in search of gold, treasure and glory? 

Avast ye! Your time has come. 

You don’t even have to worry about visiting Davy Jones’ locker. Landlubbers are invited to explore the city of Houston, Texas and find $100,000 worth of hidden gold and silver!

Solve the riddles before anyone else, and you could be the lucky person who brings home the loot. The first step is to purchase your treasure map here. Choose from either the basic map, or the map plus bonus clues. Next, you’ll solve the riddles that will lead you to treasure! 

The map will be released at 2 p.m. CST on Saturday, Dec. 7. Hunt by yourself or with a pirate crew of your own (just purchase the $49 map)! Each crew, or team, is limited to eight people. Armed with your map, you’ll go around Houston answering riddles. Each riddle will lead you to your next clue. 

Happy hunting!

-The Kellyco Team