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$50.00 - $129.99 Metal Detectors & Gifts Under $260

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  • Garrett Pro-Pointer II 1166050 Image 1

    Garrett Pro-Pointer II Pinpointer

    • Pinpoint Tip Detection
    • LED Light for Low Light Uses
    • 360° Side Scan Detection Area
    • Scraping Blade for Searching Soil
    • Increased Durability and Sensitivity
    • Proportional Audio / Vibration Pulse Rate Target Indicators
    • Water Resistant : The Pro-Pointer II Can be Washed in Running Water or Used in the Rain
    • Automatic Tuning : Microprocessor Circuitry Insures Maximum Sensitivity with No Tuning Necessary
    • Lost Pinpointer Alarm : After 5 Minutes without a Button Press, the Pro-Pointer II will Begin to Emit Warning Chirps for 60 Minutes
    • Auto-Off Feature : After 60 Minutes (one hour) of Warning Chirps, the Pro-Pointer II will Power Off Automatically to Save Battery Life
    • Lanyard Attachment Clip : Now Molded into the Outer Shell to Attach the Pro-Pointer II to your Belt, Digging Pouch or Metal Detector (attachment ring not included)
    Sku: 14-1166050
  • Bounty Hunter Junior T.I.D.

    Bounty Hunter Junior T.I.D. Metal Detector

    • Includes: 6" Concentric Search Coil
    • Frequency : 7.69 kHz
    • Warranty : 1 Year Limited
    • Construction : Compact, Ergonomic Design
    • Age Range : For Ages as Young as 6 Years Old
    • Audio : Volume Proportional to Signal Strength
    • Discrimination Control : Eliminate Unwanted Items
    • 3 Target I.D. Categories : Iron, Rings, Coins and Valuables
    Sku: 622-JUNIORTID

    Out of stock

  • White's XVenture Metal Detector with green shaft

    White's XVenture Metal Detector

    a "Real" Detector Right-Sized and Simplified to be Fun and Rewarding for Kids 7 and Older.
    Sku: 960-8000348

    Out of stock

  • Bounty Hunter HandyMan Nail Finder S3019H Image 1

    Bounty Hunter HandyMan Nail Finder

    • Frequency: 7.1 kHz
    • Battery: 9 Volt Batter (not included)
    • Alerts: Vibration, Audio
    • Target Identification: LED Alert
    • Detects: Copper, Brass, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Iron, Coins, Jewelry
    • Uses: Finding nails, screws, wires, bullets, staples, tacks, and other small objects in wood that can destroy tools
    Sku: 622-S3019H
  • Bounty Hunter Fast Tracker FT Image 1

    Bounty Hunter Fast Tracker Metal Detector

    with 7.25" Search Coil


    **Very Limited Quantity Available

    Sku: 622-FT

    Out of stock

  • Bounty Hunter VLF Treasure and Gold Detector Image 1

    Bounty Hunter VLF Treasure and Gold Metal Detector

    • Includes:  D-Tech 7" Search Coil Plus FREE Metal Detecting and Treasure Hunting Accessories‌
    • Frequencies : 3-30 kHz
    • Warranty : 1 Year Limited
    • Total Weight : 3.8 lbs (1.72 kgs)
    • Sensitivity Control : Adjust Detector to Changing Ground Conditions
    • Trash Eliminator Control : Removes Most Undesirable Items from Detection
    Sku: 622-VLF
  • Bounty Hunter Junior Metal Detector Image 1

    Bounty Hunter Junior Metal Detector

    • Includes: 6.5" Search Coil
    • Frequency : 6.6 kHz
    • Total Weight : 1.13 lbs (0.5 kgs)
    • Height : Extends to 27" (perfect for young children)
    • Audio : Built-in External Speaker. Volume Varies with Target Depth
    • Discrimination Control : Eliminate or Tune Out "Junk" and Unwanted Targets
    Sku: 622-BHTT

    Out of stock

  • Bounty Hunter Tracker II Metal Detector Full Image

    Bounty Hunter Tracker II Metal Detector

    • Includes: 7" Waterproof Search Coil
    • Frequency : 6.7 kHz
    • Warranty : 5 Year Limited
    • Total Weight : 2.6 lbs (1.18 kgs)
    • Target ID : 9 Category Icons that Identify What Has Been Found Before you Dig
    • Ground Balance Control : Automatic and Manual with Normal, Sand, Clay and Red Clay Settings
    • Discrimination Control : 3 Tone Audio Discrimination to Eliminate or Tune Out "Junk" and Unwanted Targets
    Sku: 622-802
  • Vulcan 360 Pinpointer

    Vulcan 360 Pinpointer

    All-New Powerful and Super-Sensitive Pinpointer with Advanced Electronics and All of the Features Metal Detectorists Have Asked for, and More! Vulcan Has a Full 360° Detection Pattern on Both the Tip and Lower Detecting Shaft. Includes Belt Holster, 9V Battery & 2 Year Warranty.
    Sku: 64-8852V

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