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Garrett Metal Detectors & Accessories

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  1. Garrett 11 x 13" DD Closed Search Coil (ATX)

    Bring new life to your ATX metal detector by replacing the Garrett 11 x 13" DD Closed Search Coil. This is the standard coil. Learn More
    SKU: 2235300

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  2. Garrett 11 x 13" Mono Closed Search Coil (ATX)

    The 11x13" Mono Closed Search Coil can replace the factory coil on a Garrett ATX Metal Detector, and is more durable in rocky areas. Learn More
    SKU: 2235200

    In Stock 1

  3. Garrett MS-2 Headphones with 1/4" Stereo Plug

    Experience optimal comfort and hear barely auditory signals with the Garrett MS-2 Headphones with 1/4" Stereo Plug. Learn More
    SKU: 1627300

    In Stock 18

  4. Garrett Z-Lynk Wireless Transmitter

    Use the Garrett Z-Lynk Wireless Transmitter on all Garrett AT Series for clear, fast transmission. Learn More
    SKU: 1627500

    Out of stock

  5. Garrett Z-Lynk Wireless Receiver

    This backup or replacement Garrett Z-Lynk Wireless Receiver keeps all your metal detectors prepared for wireless connection. Learn More
    SKU: 1627600

    In Stock 2

  6. Garrett MS-3 Wireless Z-Lynk Kit

    Use the Garrett MS-3 Wireless Z-Lynk Kit with virtually any metal detector. Wireless Z-Lynk is 6x faster than Bluetooth. Learn More
    SKU: 1627720

    In Stock 8

  7. Garrett TreasureSound Headphones

    The Garrett TreasureSound Headphones are comfortable and lightweight. Reduce background noise. Fits all Garrett machines. Learn More
    SKU: 1612500

    In Stock 14

  8. Garrett 12.5" PROformance Imaging Search Coil (GTI 1500 / GTI 2500)

    The Garrett 12.5" PROformance Imaging Serach Coil, for the GTI 1500 and 2500, include exclusive gives better results on depth and size. Learn More
    SKU: 2220000

    Out of stock

  9. Garrett Clear Sound Easy Stow Headphones

    The Garrett Clear Sound Easy Stow Headphones rotate, fold, and adjust for easy wear and use. Learn More
    SKU: 1612700

    In Stock 8

  10. Garrett Treasure Hound - Depth Multiplier (GTI 2500)

    The optional Garrett Treasure Hound for GTI 2500 metal detector makes it easier to find larger targets with the Eagle Eye Depth Multiplier. Learn More
    SKU: 1611800

    In Stock 9

  11. Garrett 4.5" Super Sniper Search Coil (GTI 1500 / GTI 2500)

    The Garrett 4.5" Super Sniper Search Coils fits your GTI 1500 & 2500. Small targets are now easier to hear and find. Learn More
    SKU: 2219700

    In Stock 9

  12. Garrett 5 x 10" Scorcher DD Search Coil (GTI 1500 / GTI 2500)

    The Garrett 5x10" Scorcher DD Search Coil is water resistant, great for relic hunting, and work with both GTI 1500 and 2500 models. Learn More
    SKU: 2219800

    In Stock 2

  13. Garrett Z-Lynk Wireless Receiver - 2-Pin (AT Headphones)

    Make all your AT Series metal detector wireless with the Garrett Z-Lynk Wireless Receiver. Great backup or replacement. Learn More
    SKU: 1627610

    In Stock 10

  14. Garrett MS-3 Z-Lynk Wireless Headphones

    Comfort and quality define the Garrett MS-3 Z-Lynk Wireless Headphones. 6 times faster than Bluetooth. Designed for mobility. Learn More
    SKU: 1627710

    In Stock 3

  15. Garrett Earplug (Pocket Probe / Super Scanner V)

    The Garrett Earplug works with your Pocket Probe or Super Scanner V, making it easier to hear your device in a trashy area. Learn More
    SKU: 1600100

    In Stock 2

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