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  1. Garrett 11 x 13" DD Closed Search Coil (ATX)

    Bring new life to your ATX metal detector by replacing the Garrett 11 x 13" DD Closed Search Coil. This is the standard coil. Learn More
    SKU: 2235300

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  2. Garrett 3 x 7" DD Search Coil (Infinium LS)

    Detect the smallest underwater targets using the Garrett 3 x 7" DD Search Coil with your Infinium LS. Learn More
    SKU: 221-6600

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  3. Garrett 5 x 10" DD Search Coil (Infinium LS)

    The Garrett 5x10" DD Search Coil, for the Garrett Infinium LS, rounds out your coil collection and extends the versatility of your equipment. Learn More
    SKU: 2216700

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  4. Garrett 3 x 7" Crossfire DD Search Coil (Scorpion Gold Stinger)

    The Farrett 3x7" Crossfiree DD Search coil, made for the Scorpion Gold Stinger, helps find tiny targets in mineralized soil easily. Learn More

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  5. Garrett 5 x 10" Scorcher DD Search Coil (GTI 1500 / GTI 2500)

    The Garrett 5x10" Scorcher DD Search Coil is water resistant, great for relic hunting, and work with both GTI 1500 and 2500 models. Learn More
    SKU: 2219800

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