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Garrett Metal Detectors & Accessories

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  1. Garrett Universal 110/240 Volt Recharge System (Super Scanner V) Image 1

    Garrett Universal 110/240 Volt Recharge System (Super Scanner V)

    Sku: 720-1610200
    Includes an Environmentally Friendly Cadmium Free Ni-MH Battery and the 110/240 Wall Plug Charger with 4 Universal Adapter Plugs Learn More
  2. Garrett 220V Recharge Kit (Super Scanner) 1610800 Image 1

    Garrett 220V Recharge Kit (Super Scanner V)

    Sku: 720-1610800
    Includes Cadmium-Free Ni-MH Battery and a 220V Charger for Faster Charging. Compatible with Garrett Super Scanner V Learn More
  3. Garrett Pro 9V Recharge Kit with Charger and (2) 9V Ni-MH Batteries 1612000 Image 1

    Garrett Recharge Kit (Super Wand / THD / CSI Pro-Pointer)

    Sku: 720-1612000
    Includes Charger and (2) 9V Ni-MH Batteries. Charge Overnight (8-10 Hours) for a Full Charge Learn More

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  4. Garrett Wall Charger 110V for Infinium LS and Sea Hunter Mark II 2266100 Image 1

    Garrett 110V Wall Charger (Infinium LS / Sea Hunter Mark II)

    Sku: 14-2266100
    Charges from a Standard Wall Socket. Used with Garrett Infinium LS and Sea Hunter Mark II Metal Detectors Learn More

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