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Kellyco Florida Land Grant Atlas Vol 2 (North Central Florida)

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Contains images of the original surveys and modern maps for the state of Florida – focusing on North Central Florida.

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Florida Land Grant Atlas Vol 2 (North Central Florida)
Contains images of the original surveys and modern maps for the state of Florida – focusing on North Central Florida.

This book contains images of the original surveys for the state of Florida – focusing on NORTH Central Florida. This Range surveys occurred in the 1832-52 era, and include references to all the grantees. Also, this book contains modern maps showing the individual Range survey. Also, this book contains modern maps showing the individual Township & Range survey. In addition, I have overlaid the old survey and the new modern map to assist researchers in locating old landmarks, roads, etc. Also, included in this book are grantees for each Range. The data is in alphabetical and Section order to allow genealogists locating families and land. A detailed index is provided with individuals sorted by name (Last, First). When certain Range maps warrant further detail the author has cropped the images to show details (roads, springs, some houses etc.) Supplement (original) surveys are also included. For those people who know their specific Ranges and Townships – this book covers TS 13S, Range 24-36E to TS 18 (same ranges). Alexander, DeLeon Springs, Ft. Mason, Covering PARTS of Lake, Marion, Volusia, Flagler, & Putnam counties. – 665 pgs.


  • Published: January 12, 2017
  • Pages: 665
  • Binding: Perfect-bound Paperback
  • Weight: 4.10 lbs.
  • Dimensions: 8.5" x 11"

Florida Land Grant Atlas Vol 2 (North Central Florida)

Land Atlas 1 Small
Original S21_28
Land Atlas 2 Small
Modern Map of S21_28 (Apopka)
Land Atlas 3 Small
Layered S21_28
Land Atlas 4 Small
Detailed Example of Apopka
Land Atlas 5 Small
Detail of Land Grants in Apopka


These books were created from the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) survey and grant records. The State of Florida was surveyed from early statehood into modern times (depending on area). From these surveys a plat was drawn with varying detail (surveyor dependent). Sometimes a lot of information is provide and others not a lot. Whatever was surveyed and approved is included in these books.


The data for these atlases originates from the BLM website. However, these books allow the reader to quickly find information for a broad range of area. Each volume covers a specific section of the State. Each plat is designated by Township and Range. If land was granted to a person, the individual name (Last, first) and land location is also included – and sorted by surname as well as sorted by location (to quickly find a neighbor, perhaps a relative). Although the data is available online the amount of tedious searching and downloading is greatly reduced by way of these books. In addition, modern maps are provided for the same Township and Range that equates to the original survey plat.

Who Should Own These Books

Any researcher, detectorist, archaeologist, genealogist, and hobbyist in history. These volumes are great reference guides of primary reference material. Here is the key to accurate information – primary or original records – as opposed to oral tradition and family histories.

How to Use These Books

Each volume covers a specific area, it might include an entire county, or part of a county. The data is provided in Township and Range basis – in as logical manner as possible (due to ultimate limitation of page count per book). Each book has a table of contents which defines the location of each Range for a particular Township. A black and white image of the original plat is provided for a specific Range which spans six-miles (east and west) by six-miles (north and south) thus covering 36-square miles of land. Then a black and white image of a modern map showing the same Range – and its location – today. A final “combined” image is provided whereby the modern map and original survey are “layered” together – so the reader can corroborate the location. IF there was something unique or of historical value, a cropped image of both the old and new area is provided to assist in understanding the item of value. IF the reader is searching for a family name, then a very detailed index is provided whereby you can locate the family member, then a table will show the grant/land location.

Is Every Minutia of Detail Provided?

No. Every Range plat shows 36-square miles (23,040 acres), and to locate a 100-acre grant for every grantee is not possible in 700 pages. However, each volume provides a quick way to search the data – which is not easily done online. Perhaps a researcher is trying to locate an exact plantation. These books will not provide that level of detail. Yet, each volume has real examples of that process – which can be easily duplicated for your specific research. The plats (online) are in color and can be easily downloaded and “zoomed for detail” for your specific research. Nevertheless, these books will certainly speed/assist this process.

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