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Field Test Reports

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White's TDI SL 12 Metal Detector Field Test Report

While the PulseScan TDI is based on the Pulse-Induction or PI-circuit, it is unlike any other PI-detector currently available. Forging an alliance with Eric Foster, a recognized PI expert, White’s set out to develop a detector that was able to offer industry-setting performance under even the most severe ground conditions while adding some unique features...

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Fisher F70 Metal Detector Field Test Report

To put it bluntly, the Fisher F70 is THE HEAT! As a proud and happy owner of an F75, I caught myself thinking "I bet the F70 will be a scaled down F75." In some ways, I was right. A few less features than the F75, (and I LOVE the F75 trigger!). However, Fisher retained the most useful functions...

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F75 Metal Detector Field Test Report

To begin I'd like to explain a little about why I wanted to write a review of the F75. My first detector was purchased by my wife in 1980. As most well know, the machines back then, had very little depth and hardly, if any, discrimination. Since that time I've owned three other detectors from two different manufacturers, not to include my present Fisher F75...

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White's GMT Metal Detector Field Test Report

Dennis has been metal detecting, coin shooting, and treasure hunting for past 21/2 years. It was only when he retired that his ambition to get a metal detector and find treasures was realized. Having retired in central Florida, he naturally visited Kellyco and J.W. sold him his first metal detector...

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White's Matrix M6 Metal Detector Field Test Report

The numbers on the display screen of the M6 were reading +83 Target ID at a depth of 9". The signal was under overhanging bushes near the center of a park. Since the area dated back to the mid 1880s, with a nearby military establishment, an old silver coin definitely came to mind. Although well hunted by detectorist over the last 30 years, the location still produces a pleasant surprise now and then...

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