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Field Test Reports

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Fisher F44 Metal Detector Field Test Report

This field test was designed to evaluate the F44 strictly from the user standpoint and was never intended as a metrics driven technical analysis. Secondly, the results, as with any detector undergoing field testing, reflect and are dependent upon the specific test environment, particularly where the level of mineralization in the soil, sand and water is concerned...

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Minelab X-Terra 705: Sensitivity and Depth - Minelab 9" Coil vs. the Coiltek 15" Coil

I conducted a comparison test between the stock Minelab 9" 7.5kHz coil and the Coiltek 15" 18.75kHz coil mounted on the Minelab X-Terra 705 metal detector.The test was specifically designed to determine performance differences in terms of of sensitivity at depth. I also conducted one final test to compare...

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Teknetics T2 Metal Detector Field Test Report

I conducted a field test to evaluate the operation, functionality and capability of this detector in a variety of environments and conditions, running all tests from the viewpoint of the new detectorist. I first read over the user manual and operate the machine in a sterile environment to familiarize myself with the controls and operation. I then research the machine via...

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Discrimination Test: Garrett Sea Hunter Mark II

Experienced pulse induction detectorists know well that those machines have little to no discrimination capability. Its either a target hit on everything metallic or nothing...and they characteristically go “deep” for all targets within range be they bobby pins, bottle caps, coins or gold rings. I've always been a VLF man so I decided...

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White's TREASUREpro Metal Detector Field Test Report

I first study the user manual thoroughly and operate the machine in a sterile environment to familiarize myself with the controls, operation and stated capability. I then research the machine via the Internet and speak to the manufacturers' technical representatives on any specific questions I may have so as to further my understanding...

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