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EXcelerator Search Coils on White's DFX & MXT Metal Detectors Field Test Report

Rings Since all the EXcelerator search coils for White's DFX & MXT were tested by volunteers (Non-Kellyco employees or their families) in different areas of the United States, some of our Test Team members were very anxious to try these new coils, especially after reading all the reports we have been recieving. Had we allowed all of the Test Team to go into the field at one time we would have had nobody to answer the telephones. Everyone was anxious to be first to use these new search coils.

Only two teams of two-people each were selected for the "first" test-run. We selected two parks that are 5 minutes away from the Kellyco Building. Each park has been absolutely positively detected "to death" by our Test Team and customers living in this area. We decided as tough as these parks were it would be a true test of these new search coils.

Within minutes both Wanda with a 14" Coil and Ben with the 5" coil, each dug up a thin ring, one almost 10" deep the other nearly 7" deep. Handfuls of coins were also discovered throughout both park areas. A very thin 10k gold chain ONLY 1/16th of an inch thin (see photo) was found by Wanda with the 14" DD EXcelerator coil.

We later laid the chain on the ground and tested other detectors to see if other coils would pick up a chain this thin, none did. True to form, every single coin recovered was discolored from the years in the ground. No modern coins were found. This is typical of what happens in a "worked-out" location when the EXcelerator search coils are used. The "older" worked-out sites become productive and produce targets that previous detectors could not pick up.

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