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Field Test Reports

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Nokta AU Gold Finder Field Test Report

When any company enters a crowded product space with a new product to compete with well-established brands, I always ask questions. I have to know if the new product is at least as good as the top dog or better. Does it really work? Does it meet a need? And, is it competitively priced? I have to say that, in this case, Nokta did the research...

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Makro Racer at the Beach

My first impression after properly setting up the Racer for that particular environment was how very stable it was on thoroughly wet salt sand. There was no chatter whatsoever as long as my settings remained within the parameters described above. Once the machine was stable...

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Anderson Carbon Fiber Straight Shaft for the AT Pro / AT Gold

The installment process of the AT Pro / AT Gold control box onto the Anderson Shaft was a snap and very well engineered by the Anderson design staff. All I had to do was unscrew the control box from the Garrett shaft, undo the screws from the loud speaker cover and use those same screws to attach the Anderson shaft to the control box...

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Garrett AT Pro Metal Detector Field Test Report

My primary purpose and approach with this test deviates somewhat from previous evaluations of recently fielded detectors. The AT Pro has long been one of the best if not the best selling metal detector on the market today for both those new to the hobby and those with years of experience swinging a coil. A routine field test, similar to those I've done in the recent past, is therefore unnecessary. However, for the new detectorist, there is a need to...

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Fisher F44 Metal Detector with 7x11" DD Search Coil Field Test Report

I took the F44 for another spin on a saltwater beach but this time using the 7x11 DD coil and in a phrase, “big improvement!”  The difference from the stock coil was significantly obvious in terms of overall performance on a wet salt beach and in the surf.  After stabilizing it with proper manually adjusted ground balance set at 00 and sensitivity settings between 17-18, I was able to detect the target quarter at depths 2 - 2.5 times deeper than with the stock coil previously tested!   The sensitivity and separation capability was also improved...

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