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Fisher F-Point Pinpointer Metal Detector

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Locates Hard to Find Treasures and Saves Digging Time

Fisher F-Point Pinpointer
Locates Hard to Find Treasures and Saves Digging Time

Fisher's new pocket sized metal detector is designed for pinpointing metal objects located with a regular metal detector. Locates hard to find treasures and saves digging time. The Fisher F-Point Pinpointer is an easy one-knob operation, it ignores most ground minerals and it can detect coins at about 2 inches deep at maximum sensitivity. Fisher’s simple to use design makes locating elusive targets easy in any environment. Hand-held detectors have proven to be extremely effective in locating coins and rings in piles of dirt and sand dug by detector users. When a coin has been in the ground for years, the oxidation often turns the coin’s color the same as that of the surrounding dirt, making it very difficult to see. If you are spending more time checking the dirt from the hole and continuously checking the hole you are losing very valuable detecting time. Instead of detecting more treasure, you’re spending more time locating a target that could be found very quickly with a hand-held detector.

Fisher F-Point Pinpointer


  • Easy One-Knob Operation
  • Ignores Most Ground Minerals
  • Fully Static Response, No Motion Required
  • Coin Detection Depth About 2 Inches at Maximum Sensitivity
  • Compact Pinpointer for Treasure Hunting and Unearthing Small Objects

Customer Reviews

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Fisher F-Point Pinpointer

Review by Tony F on May 08, 2015

I bought a Fisher F4 package deal for Christmas from Kellyco and it included this pinpointer. I must say that this is not a very good unit at all. The piece is very flimsy and the 9 volt battery rattles around inside which is quite annoying. When in use it almost has to literally make contact with the coin in order for it to sound. Spend the extra money and get a Garrett.


Review by Joe M on March 06, 2015

I believe I would be accurate in saying that all three of the "Look Alike" pinpointers are made by First Texas Products, in El Paso, TX 79336... if not, someone's got a patent issue.

I've owned two of them and they are ok. The knob is in the direct line of action, so if you don't test it regularly and the knob gets bumped or turned... you either have no sensitivity or it alarms continually. On my first unit the tip wore out in less than a month, leaving some internal electrical wires exposed to the elements, but it still worked. I filled the hole with epoxy and it's back in the line up, until the other side wears out. The second unit is identical, and seems to have issues as to where on the rod it picks up signal. Sometimes it signals very clearly, and sometimes when you're pushing the dirt out of the way, you spot a target that the pinpointer never saw. So, the first one is ok, but nearing the end of it's life due to wearing out, and the second one is just not dependable enough to have it as your "go-to" unit. I hate to do it, but I dig in "off the beaten track" areas. I may have to go for a higher-end unit. I go from green grass to worn out footpaths in hard-pan, to scrub patches. I'm a junk dealer. Most of what I look for is anything. I take the good with the bad, but I need a pinpointer to get me in fast without spending too much time in the mud or swill. These two that I have are very basic and marginally trustworthy. But, that's what ya get for $50 nowadays.

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