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Minelab Excalibur II Metal Detector

Sku: 237-33030102
Retail: $1,949.00
Now Only: $1,499.00
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with 8" Search Coil No Longer Available! CLICK HERE for Excalibur II w/ 10" Search Coil.

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Minelab Excalibur II Metal Detector
with 8" Search Coil No Longer Available! CLICK HERE for Excalibur II w/ 10" Search Coil.

Often Called The World’s Best Underwater And Beach Detector...The Excalibur Series features Minelab’s unique BBS multiple frequency technology, giving you the performance to find more targets, more often. The unique design of the new Minelab Excalibur allows you to use it effectively in or out of the water. Whether working the beach, wading at any depth or diving on a wreck, the Excalibur will perform every time.

Minelab’s unique easy to use Multi-Frequency technology with Automatic Ground rejection makes the New Excalibur II the ideal machine to work in difficult beach, land and underwater conditions. Excalibur II advanced technology provides for seamless transition from dry to wet sand. The Excalibur II series is fully submersible to depths of 200 feet, and it features a staggering 17 frequencies to find more coins, rings, and treasures buried deeper than ever!


  • Warranty : 1 Year Limited
  • Total Weight : 4.6 lbs (2.08 kgs)
  • Frequencies : 1.5 kHz - 25.5 kHz
  • Waterproof : Up to 200 Feet (66 m) of Water
  • Ground Rejection : Automatic Ground Rejection
  • Sensitivity Control : Control for Optimum Depth for All Conditions
Factory Included Accessories:
  • Finds Pouch
  • 8" Coil Cover
  • 8" Search Coil
  • Short Dive Shaft
  • Recharge Adapter
  • 110V Wall Charger (Excalibur)
  • Koss Headphones (Hardwired)
  • NiMH Battery Pod Complete (Excalibur)

Additional Information

Manufacturer Minelab
SKU 237-33030102
Factory Included Accessories
  • Finds Pouch
  • 8" Coil Cover
  • 8" Search Coil
  • Short Dive Shaft
  • Recharge Adapter
  • 110V Wall Charger (Excalibur)
  • Koss Headphones (Hardwired)
  • NiMH Battery Pod Complete (Excalibur)
Warranty Yes
Detector Type Beach & Water
Search Coil Type Double D
Search Coil Size (in) 8"
Search Coil Shape Round
Search Coil Build Open
Waterproof Search Coil Yes
Interchangeable Search Coil No
Technology VLF Multiple Frequency
Arm Rest Adjustable
Arm Rest Strap Yes
Adjustable Shaft Yes
Assembled Length Max (in) 48
Assembled Length Min (in) 45
Apps None
Audio Tones Yes
Depth Indication No
Control Box Mount Convertible
Frequencies 1.5kHz to 25.5kHz
Number of Frequencies 17
Programmable Target Id No
Target Id Segments No
Target Id No
Threshold Adjustable
Discrimination Adjustable
Pinpoint Mode Yes
Ground Balance Automatic Ground Tracking
Vibration Mode No
Search Modes 3
Search Mode Types All Metal, Discrimination, Pinpoint
Search Flashlight No
Display Type N/A
Backlit Display No
Volume Control Yes
Headphone Jack Hard Wire
Bluetooth Compatible No
Interchangeable Headphones No
Battery Type AA
Battery Quantity 8
Battery Life (hr) 20 to 25 Hours
Rechargeable System Yes
Exclusive Features Broad Band Spectrum (BBS), Iron Mask Discrimination

Minelab Excalibur II Metal Detector

The World's Best Beach, Wading, and Diving Metal Detector

The Excalibur II series is fully submersible to depths of 200 feet, and it features a staggering 17 frequencies to find more coins, rings, and treasures buried deeper than ever!

Bill Myers

Bill Myers has been metal detecting for 35 years. Well known as one of the most experienced beach hunters and host-instructor on a series of new DVD's on Metal Detecting Florida (or any) beaches; he says:

"If you are on an unlimited budget and want the ultimate beach water detector,the choice would be the Minelab Excalibur II. The Excalibur II is one of the most desired water-proof detectors in the market. It is water proof to a depth of 250ft and works well with dry sand, wet sand, and water. It works well in salt and fresh water as well. The Excalibur II is higly rated and preferred by many professional metal hunters. I use an Excalibur detector just about everyday and its definitely my favorite detector."

The first metal detectors were produced by manufactures to use the best frequency for detecting. These single frequency detectors were, and are, very successful! Detector manufacturers were recently able to produce dual frequency detectors to allow users to cover twice the frequency range and find more coins and treasure than they could with a single frequency detector. Since single frequency detectors are good, and dual frequency detectors are better, a detector series with a broad band spectrum of 17 frequencies most certainly offers the very best opportunities for detector users to recover far more coins, rings, jewelry, relics, and treasures.

What Is Minelab's Exclusive Iron Mask Feature?

The Iron Mask Feature is exclusive to Minelab detectors and makes signals from iron trash non-existent! Only signals from good targets are strong and clear, at depths that are almost beyond belief. Recognizing a valuable target that is near a piece of iron can be a problem for all conventional metal detectors. If the detector is set to reject the iron under a variety of mineralized ground conditions, then it is likely to reject the target also. For example: A coin buried near a nail will be passed over by many detectors. Because of its 17 frequencies, the Excalibur II is exceptional at distinguishing between nonferrous, good targets and the ferrous, iron trash. In the discrimination mode the iron mask feature allows you to locate good targets among ferrous junk.

Multiple Frequency Detectors are Simple to Use and Operate

Multiple Frequency detectors like the Excalibur II series are simple to operate - as easy, if not easier, to use than single frequency detectors. Turn it on, set the controls, and start searching for coins and treasures. The Excalibur II Metal Detectors do ALL the work! A microprocessor translates target signals and removes interference caused by ground mineralization (which ordinarily limits the depth at which targets can be found) and often results in inaccurate target identification. The remaining signal is then analyzed to determine the actual composition of the targets even if the ground is heavily mineralized. This gives the detector user the very best opportunity to recover more coins, rings, relics, treasure, etc. Why settle for coming home with 10, 20, or 30 coins when you can just as easily recover 100, 200, or 300 coins in the same amount of time!

Searching with the Excalibur II is like having 17 detectors in one control housing, transmitting over a range of 1.5 kHz to 25.5 kHz in 1.5 kHz steps. All frequencies are transmitted together at one time. Imagine being able to find gold or silver rings, necklaces, bracelets, medals and medallions, in addition to the thousands of deep coins that have eluded all single and dual frequency detectors. The Minelab Excalibur II with its Multiple Frequency technology gives you the edge to slash through difficult soils and high salt concentrations. Designed with an Iron Mask which gives you the edge for hunting in areas littered with trash and nails and still pick up gold and coin targets. Excalibur II is the first underwater detector with 17 separate frequencies to operate simultaneously and have multiple tone response to help you recover many more coins, rings, and treasures than any other similar detector! Detectors with only one or two frequencies miss a lot of great targets - leaving them for you to pick up with your Multiple Frequency Excalibur II detector. You will find MORE valuables, and find them DEEPER! At the end of the day, compared to other detectorists, you will be the one coming back with the majority of coins, rings, and jewelry!

  • Powerful Discrimination
    The Excalibur II enables you to choose the types of objects which you want to find and ignore the rest (discrimination). Just set the DISC (discriminator) control to the desired position then collect the goodies and ignore the junk. This makes finding rings and coins a breeze in areas littered with ferrous metals.

  • Tone Identification
    Each type of object will produce a different signal tone. With a bit of practice you’ll know every time exactly what you’ve found before you dig it up. The tone for a gold coin will be distinctly different from that of a silver ring.

  • New Improved NiMH Rechargeable Battery Pack
    The Excalibur II's rechargeable battery pack is in a compartment separate from the electronics. Using a state-of-the-art NiMH rechargeable battery you can hunt longer and not have to worry about a recharge memory because you can recharge at any time when needed. When the battery needs recharging, just clip the pack off the shaft and plug it straight into the charger. It's quick, simple, and best of all, you don't have to touch a single seal, so there are no worries about leaks.

  • Greatly Improved Slimline Excalibur II Search Coil
    All Excalibur II's feature Minelab's Improved lighter weight Slimline Series fully submersible encapsulated DD search coil. Hunt longer with less fatigue and less turbulence with using in the water because of the lower Slimline profile. Heavy-duty cabling and a new solid build for long term reliability.

  • Use it Underwater, on the Beach, or on Land
    The unique design and electronics of the Excalibur II enable you to use it just as effectively in or out of the water. Whether it's down 200 feet in the ocean, on the beach, in the park, or in a river of gold, the Excalibur II will perform superbly every time.

Technical Specifications:

  • 1 Year Warranty
  • 8" Search Coil
  • Weight : 4.6 lbs (2.08 kgs)
  • Frequencies : 17 Frequencies Ranging from 1.5 kHz - 25.5 kHz
  • Adjustable Volume
  • Adjustable Threshold
  • Measures 45 - 48" in Length
  • NiMH Battery Pack : 13V, 1000 mAh
  • Technology : Broad Band Spectrum (BBS)
  • Ground Rejection : Automatic Ground Rejection
  • Sensitivity Control for Optimum Depth for All Conditions
  • Configuration : Shaftmount - Standard & Dive (hipmount optional)


  • Low Battery Alert
  • Waterproof to 200' (66 m)
  • Dive Shaft Supplied Standard
  • No Interference from Salt Water
  • Detector Stand Supplied as Part of Arm Rest
  • High Visibility Fluorescent Decal and Coil Cover
  • Includes High Impedance Koss Waterproof Headphones
  • Excellent Depth with Accurate Discrimination, Because of BBS

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As Good as it Gets

Review by Dew M on January 26, 2015

I have 1000s of hours on these machines and since no one has done a review in some time I thought I'd throw in my 2 cents. The Excalibur II is not nearly the machine the Blue Excaliburs are. They are pretty fragile and can be a bit chatty. Mostly from coil flip and lose of Ground Balance. Expect to have issues / repairs if you spend much time in the water. Most won't happen within that 1 year warranty. Most of us do modifications to these machines. Upgrade the battery and charger to speed up charge time and get one so you can tell when its charged. The one that comes with it is worthless. To balance it you will need a straight shaft... these babies get heavy and it allows you to extend you coil sweep. They are a little deeper in PP, so we now add a PP switch rather than using the knob that WILL break or the switch will. Cheap headphones... but not bad for diving... or at least there aren't any better I'd trust to dive with. Not diving... change them out to Gray Ghost Amp. They are simple to use... 0 disc, max volume, threshold just so you can hear the buzz, and sensitivity... somewhere around 10 o clock. The Excalibur is the BEST machine on the market for hating iron. Tones take a little while to learn. Bottle caps are easy to distinguish. Its multi-frequency so you can hunt anywhere on the beach or in the water. Being a water machine and multi-frequency, about the smallest piece of gold you will find is about .4 grams. They have fairly good depth depending on conditions, 8 to 10 inches... you may squeeze out more in PP or once you put in a lot of hours. There can be coil issues. The lower rods wear badly so people tend to crank the bolt... this can pull the ears in and cause separation on the bottom of the coil. Expect to replace the coil, headphones, shaft, knobs and maybe the pod O rings in the first couple of years. That said... this machine will more than pay you back. Right now its the BEST out there and produces more gold out of the water than any other machine.

Review by Gerry H.

Review by Gerry H on May 10, 2011

I purchased my Excalibur II from Kellyco to take with me on a trip to Kauai. I always thought it would be cool to metal detect the sands of Hawaii, so I did my homework, read the reviews and took the plunge on the Minelab. Let me say, I couldn't be happier with my decision! One thing I found is that if you plan on doing underwater detecting, get some weights. I found that if the water was anymore than about 5 feet deep, it made it really hard to try and retrieve the target because of the buoyancy of the operator (me). I found most of my targets in the wet and dry sand areas instead of the water anyways. I took the machine out a total of 3 days out of my 5 day stay, and found over $5 in quarters, dimes and nickels.

One morning though, I headed down to Poipu beach and started scanning the sands as I had previously. Well, by this time I was getting better at discriminating the sounds through the headphones as to what the target likely was. I got a hit that sounded like a quarter up high on the surfline, up where people lay out to sunbathe. I started digging, and with each spade full of sand, I would scan it with the detector. After 10 or more scoops of sand, I had a hole around 18 inches deep, when I scooped and scanned the hole and there was no more tone... I had the target in my scoop! I carefully brushed the sand away expecting to find a quarter. Instead, staring back at me was a nice heavy men's white and yellow gold wedding band!! Needless to say I was STOKED! It turned out to weigh a hefty 8 grams of 14K gold. I never found another piece of gold on the trip other than this ring, but I also found a sterling silver bracelet that had several sea turtle charms on it at the same beach. Some of the reviews I read, people were dogging the machine because "the knobs get loose and spin". They are referring to the "volume" knob, the "disc" knob, "threshold" knob etc. This is a really easy fix. Simply remove the yellow cover on top of the knob and tighten the small nut underneath.

Review by Tim M.

Review by Tim M on August 02, 2010

The Excalibur machine is a great machine. You will find lots of great things. The only cons I have about the machine are knobs, and Minelab customer service. The knobs if you are not careful will strip off and you have to replace them. As far as customer service, Minelab needs to keep up with demand. I waited about 5 months on my machine, because they were back ordered. The Excalibur is probably the best water machine out there. As soon as I got mine, I found some old silver dollars and about 5 rings. If you purchase this machine, be mindful of the delicate knobs.

Review by Steve T.

Review by Steve T on March 02, 2010

I have owned two Minelab Excaliburs. My first was the Excalibur 800 with the blue headphones. That machine paid for itself the first week of ownership with three gold rings found at state park swimming areas. My second is the Excalibur II 1000. I really love the Excalibur as it is very much like the Sovereign which is an excellent land machine. I love the beaches and the Sovereign, although a great machine, it would be damaged for sure by getting dunked in salt water. So the Excalibur fits the bill for me as far as not having to worry about it getting wet.

The Excalibur 800 is ideal for water hunting as it swings through the water easily with the small coil. I do recommend getting a straight shaft for the Excalibur as the factory shaft can be uncomfortable for some people. The straight shaft will put the control pod behind you and balance the Excalibur so you can swing it all day without getting tired. Some people prefer the hip mount but you must be careful when hip mounting as the wires have a habit of coming loose. Salt water is a problem for most single frequency detectors and you will get all kinds of noises when hitting the water. Not with the Excalibur. With 17 frequencies, the Excalibur works perfect in almost all conditions. The only time it does not work as well as a PI machine is when in black sand.

My detectors are tools to make money and I have been very successful in finding jewelry in the water and wet sand. Coins are fun to find but they do not pay as well as jewelry especially when gold is over $1000 an ounce. My Excalibur 800 was stolen out of my car and so I went and bought the Excalibur II 1000. With the 1000, which has the 10 inch coil, I can cover more area with it than the 800. It is also a bit deeper. But in very trashy areas it has a tendency to null too much because it covers so much area. The Excalibur II seems to be a bit more stable than the older Excaliburs. Not sure if they are deeper but I love the new NIMH batteries.

Review by Ken F.

Review by Ken F on February 06, 2010

I am very happy with the Minelab Excalibur II. My wife and I bought it just before going to Cozumel to metal detect in the salt water. We found the detector easy to tune and easy to use. We set the discrimination to 3. The sensitivity was set to Auto and the threshold was set so we could just hear a small hum and the volume was up on 3/4. It was easy to hear the hits. I was blessed to find silver rings, a gold bracelet, and numerous coins. My wife found it easy to use and she had some good finds as well. We went with a friend who also has the Minelab Excalibur II. He was using the same settings and found gold rings, a platinum ring, a couple religious medallions, and coins. I would highly recommend this detector for salt water detecting. Tony at Kellyco was a great help in choosing the Minelab Excalibur II and I am very pleased with him and the detector. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS DETECTOR!

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