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Garrett Edge Digger with Sheath

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Strong Carbon Steel Blade with Cutting Edge Teeth. Includes Carry Sheath for the Belt

Garrett Edge Digger with Carry Sheath
Strong Carbon Steel Blade with Cutting Edge Teeth. Includes Carry Sheath for the Belt

The Garrett Edge Digger is made specifically for metal-detecting adventures. The 7.5" carbon-steel blade with cutting-edge teeth tears into all types of soil. Creates uniform holes, and easily slices through small roots that come between you and your treasure. The handle offers a rubber grip and a thumb indention for a sure grip, and its non-slip blade guard keeps your fingers away from the Edge Digger's blade. Includes a convenient, belt-mountable carry sheath. Overall length is 12".

Customer Reviews

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5.0 average of 4 reviews

Stout tool!

Review by James on August 21, 2019

Nice beefy steel thickness. Made short work of my rocky/clay ridden yard.

Good heavy duty tool.

Review by James on August 21, 2019

Strong. Digging prying up rocks. Chopping roots. All at a great price.. good choice for a digger.

Take a Great Tool and Make it Better

Review by Phil on April 02, 2017

I got one of these as a free extra with my Garrett Ace 250. I've been using it for 4 years and it still works great. I've had to sharpen the edges a few times with my grinder but you expect that with the hard use its gotten. The one thing I would do (have done to mine) to improve it is to add a solid round ball at the end of the handle to make it easier to push into hard ground. The rubber grip wears out pretty quickly and without the ball, you're pushing on a thin walled round pipe which is painful even with gloves on. I modified mine by finding a small piece of 1" wooden dowel that just fit into the handle and rounding one end on my belt sander. There is a small hole that is ideally placed in the handle to use a screw to secure the wood to the handle. With this, the digger will last me for many more years.

Good Value and Design

Review by Andrew G on April 09, 2015

Like all Garrett equipment, good value and design. The only con I have with it was mentioned above. The serrated teeth cut through the sides of the Nylon Sheath. However I'm sure the local leather worker in your town could whip you up a good Rawhide one. The saw-teeth make short work of grass and small tree roots. One look at it and ANY sensible mugger or wanna be robber will go look for a "softer" target. I have had a few digging tools but this is the best I have ever come across. 10/10

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