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Eagle Headphones

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Designed, Tested and Approved for ALL Top-of-the-Line Metal Detectors

Kellyco Eagle Headphones
Designed, Tested and Approved for ALL Top-of-the-Line Metal Detectors

Fly with Eagle Headphones and get the "True Sounds of Treasures". Designed, tested and approved for ALL top-of-the-line metal detectors. Adjustable Flex-type padded comfort headband. Left side - right side well padded adjustable slide ear cups with individual volume controls plus stereo - mono selector switch.

Mylar speakers to enhance weak signals produced by deep targets. Thin wire receptors captures signals. Especially sensitive to coins, rings and jewelry. Adjusts well to any size or shape head. Comfortable when detecting. Plus, coiled phone cable guarantees trouble-free detecting.


  • Coiled Phone Cable
  • Mono Selector Switch
  • Lightweight and Comfortable to Wear
  • Individual Volume Controls plus Stereo
  • Adjustable Headband Fits All Head Sizes
  • Adjustable Flex-Type Padded Comfort Headband
Customer Reviews

Average Rating

3.0 average of 5 reviews

Work great

Review by Oz on November 01, 2019

Work great, separate volume control, you can use one side for awhile and keep other ear uncovered so you can hear each other talking when you get a hit on something. We’re in South Carolina and it gets hot and sweaty. Uncovering an ear helps keep you cooler, then switch sides. I agree, cord is a little short but works good for kids!


Review by Big Dave on July 01, 2019

Kellyco eagle headphones work well but the cord is too short drives me crazy detector tips over when i get on ground to dig and the whole machine gets in the way when digging because cord does not allow you to set detector away from you, now is coming apart and sounds are getting very erratic going in and out. Kellco get the cord about 6 inches longer!!

Eagle Headphones

Review by Kevin on December 29, 2015

Came as a "Package Deal" with an F70 Purchase. The Guys at Kellyco provide great service and this is no reflection upon them, but these phones should be considered to be nothing more than back-up's at best. Mine lasted about 2 sets of battery's in my Fisher, after that I would lose sound in one side or the other, volume control would break-up, cord length too short. Compare them to the quality of other $100 headphones and these should cost around $30.

Eagle Headphones

Review by Doug S on April 07, 2015

As in the previous review, I found the cord ended up a bit short.The constant bending over and the slight pull on the detector connection caused a break in the wire lead after a relatively short life span.

Eagle Headphones

Review by Gary D on January 18, 2013

The headphones were a part of the package with the F75 Limited Edition I received. The "cord" is too short and each time I get down to dig an item, I must remove the headphones... I have been unable to find an "extension cord".

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