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Quest Diamond Digger with Sheath (Left Side Serrated Edge)

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Stainless Steel Diamond Digging Tool with Left Side Serrated Edge when Holding It

Quest Diamond Digger (Left Side Serrated Edge) with Sheath
Stainless Steel Diamond Digging Tool with Left Side Serrated Edge when Holding It

A detectorist’s tool belt simply cannot be lacking a strong, useful digger. Not only does a digging tool help reach buried targets, but its quality and construction can significantly cut down on detectorists’ digging time, allowing more valuable time for hunting.

The Quest Stainless Steel Diamond Digging Tool is a double-edged digger with a serrated edge on one side of the blade and a straight blade on the other. This offers detectorists two powerful tools in one. The serrated edge is perfect for quickly cutting through roots and other buried debris. The straight-edged blade makes slicing through tough grass and dirt easy, even when the ground is hard and dry, and it cuts plugs in any type of soil quickly and cleanly.

This digger has a left side serrated blade when holding it, a sturdy rubber handle, and a hand guard plate to keep digging hands safe and comfortable while retrieving buried treasures. It measures almost 12” total in length and comes with a free Cordura belt sheath to keep it protected when not in use.

No matter where you plan to detect, the Quest Stainless Steel Diamond Digging Tool will get you to your targets quickly and easily. Add it to your detecting tool belt today!


  • Edge Length : 7x2"
  • Weight : 1.1875 lbs
  • Overall Length : 11.5"
  • The Ultimate Digging Tool
  • Comes with Handy Cordura Belt Holder
  • Handle Grip Material : Non-Slip Textured PU
  • Tempered Treatment for Long Lasting Sharpness
  • Ideally Suited for Nursery, Landscaping, Camping and Metal Detecting
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Don't bother... really!

Review by Dean on December 07, 2018

First the sheath, it shredded after 4 outings. Very thin material and the stitching let loose almost immediately on the serrated edge side. Then without any notice, after less than 10 outings and very little use, the blade snapped in half. I sat over my plug looking down and wondering how anyone could sell a tool like this. The mill glaze is still on the blade and it broke like it was made of plastic. No exaggeration here, it is junk. My Garrett is still going strong and I've bought a Whites to replace this beauty. I would post a picture showing how new it is, but unable. The company will not respond to e-mails... Kellyco has no policy beyond the first 30 days. So, look elsewhere!

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