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Fisher Deluxe Stereo Headphones


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Features Aluminum Construction and Acoustic Ear Cup Design; Comfortable Foam Pads Minimize Noise Interference

Fisher Deluxe Stereo Headphones
Features Aluminum Construction and Acoustic Ear Cup Design; Comfortable Foam Pads Minimize Noise Interference

The clear, high-quality sound makes it easy to hear variable audio signals. These headphones feature aluminum construction and acoustic ear cup design; the comfortable foam pads minimize noise interference.

The MOST IMPORTANT item after your detector! Makes the difference between those who find "surface" coins and those with quality phones who recover the deeper more valuable coins, rings, jewelry, etc. Many treasures are older and deeper giving off a weak signal when detected due to depth and size. Add the sound of surf on a beach, traffic and wind rustling through the trees, and a dozen other sounds that easily prevent you from hearing that low signal, you pass right over these targets. What separates those who consistently find more older silver coins and even gold coins, in our opinion, are those using headphones, and not just any headphones but phones that are proven to get the deeper targets! The "Soundest" investment you can make.

Customer Reviews

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4 stars

Review by cjk on October 22, 2019

Only negative is the cord should be longer-not sure if stretching cord would be a positive or a negative?

Very good headphones for metal detecting

Review by Sixgun on October 09, 2019

Great headphones, on a hot day they don't absorb sweat. The volume control is a very nice feature.

Nice set with one fault.

Review by Bruce on August 06, 2019

Headphones work great but the coiled plug-in jack wire is too short for me. I stretch the cord to make it longer and works for a short time then shrinks back and continues to pulling the set off my ears as I work the detector. Especially in the heat and sweat. Very annoying and distracting. The cable needs to be longer. I’m only 6’1” so not like I’m tall. If anyone has a suggestion as to how to best lengthen the coil, I would appreciate hearing. This is my second set after stretching my last set one too many times.
I would give it a 4 if it wasn’t for this cable issue.

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