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Fisher CZ-21 with 10.5" Search Coil Metal Detector

Sku: 12-CZ2110
Retail: $1,799.00
Now Only: $1,099.00
with 10.5" Search Coil Plus FREE Metal Detecting & Treasure Hunting Accessories

Availability: Out of Stock

$319.13 in Free Accessories
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Fisher CZ-21 with 10.5" Search Coil Metal Detector
with 10.5" Search Coil Plus FREE Metal Detecting & Treasure Hunting Accessories

You can go anywhere with the CZ-21 even 250 feet underwater. The CZ-21 is a go-anywhere, do anything, all-weather, target-ID machine that is leak proof to 250 feet. And its patented electronics make it deep-seeking while it ignores the destabilizing effects of salt water. It is the perfect target ID machine for the versatile treasure hunter who wants to hunt anywhere-underwater, on the beach, in the surf, on dry land and in all kinds of weather.

Kellyco has sold and distributed Fisher products since 1975 and was certified as Fisher detector experts since 1984! Buy with confidence at Kellyco where you always get more for your money.


  • Warranty : 2 Year Limited
  • Frequencies : 5 kHz, 15 kHz
  • Total Weight : 5.7 lbs (2.6 kgs)
  • Submersible : In up to 250 Feet of Water
  • Pinpoint : Push-Button, VCO No-Motion Pinpointing
  • Technology : Patented Dual-Frequency Fourier Domain Signal Analysis
  • Multi-Frequency Infinite Spectrum Technology : Sends Out a Huge Spectrum of Signals that Induce Magnetic Fields into Metal Objects at Different Frequencies
Factory Included Accessories:
  • 10.5" Search Coil

Additional Information

Manufacturer Fisher
Manuals productmanuals/12-cz2110.pdf
SKU 12-CZ2110
Manufacturer SKU 12-cz2110
Factory Included Accessories
  • 10.5" Search Coil
Warranty Yes
Detector Type Beach & Water
Search Coil Type Concentric
Search Coil Size (in) 10.5"
Search Coil Shape Round
Search Coil Build Open
Waterproof Search Coil Yes
Interchangeable Search Coil No
Technology VLF Multiple Frequency
Arm Rest Fixed
Arm Rest Strap No
Adjustable Shaft Yes
Assembled Length Max (in) 49
Assembled Length Min (in) 33
Apps None
Audio Tones Yes
Depth Indication No
Control Box Mount Convertible
Frequencies 5 kHz,15 kHz
Number of Frequencies 2
Programmable Target Id No
Target Id Yes
Threshold Fixed
Discrimination Adjustable
Pinpoint Mode Yes
Ground Balance Fixed
Vibration Mode No
Search Modes 3
Search Mode Types All Metal, Motion, Pinpoint
Search Flashlight No
Display Type N/A
Backlit Display No
Volume Control Yes
Headphone Jack Hard Wire
Bluetooth Compatible No
Interchangeable Headphones No
Battery Type 9-Volt
Battery Quantity 4
Battery Life (hr) 35 to 45 Hours
Rechargeable System No

Fisher CZ-21 Metal Detector

If it's in the Ground or in the Water a Fisher Metal Detector Will Find it!

CZ21 Face

You can go anywhere with the CZ-21 even 250 feet underwater. The CZ-21 is a go-anywhere, do anything, all-weather, target-ID machine that is leak proof to 250 feet. And its patented electronics make it deep-seeking while it ignores the destabilizing effects of salt water. It is the perfect target ID machine for the versatile treasure hunter who wants to hunt anywhere-underwater, on the beach, in the surf, on dry land and in all kinds of weather.

Target ID: put on the headphones, swing the search coil, and listen to the 3-tone Target ID A low tone means you are over iron, a mid tone means pull tab or gold ring and a high tone means a coin. And a distinctive bell tone lets you know when you are over big, shallow targets, no more digging beer cans! For precise pinpointing, use the Pinpoint button, which puts the detector in a no-motion-required, all metal mode. See for yourself: If you are an all-around treasure hunter who will not settle for second best, the CZ-21 is the detector for you.

Summary of Field Test (Reprinted from Lost Treasure Magazine): Incorporating all of the features of the field-proven CZ-5 and CZ-6 with the exception of the meter, the CZ-21 should prove to be an extremely popular detector with not only water and beach hunters, but coin and relic hunters who want a top-notch detector that is totally impervious to the elements. This is truly a detector that will perform equally as well in salt-water surf as it will in a fresh water lake, a school yard, or mineralized battlefield or campsite.

The CZ-21 comes with Fisher's two year warranty, which considering it's an underwater detector, shows how confident the factory is that it will hold up under virtually any condition one might use it in. *Due to the special sealing and waterproofing of the Fisher CZ-21 underwater detectors the factory requires any unit needing warranty service or replacement to be sent directly to the factory and not the dealer where purchased from. Please refer to your supplied warranty information from the factory.

Technical Specifications:

  • 2 Year Warranty
  • 10.5" Open Search Coil
  • Weight : 5.7 lbs (2.6 kgs)
  • Frequencies : 5 kHz, 15 kHz
  • Silent-Search
  • Batteries : (4) 9V
  • Battery Life : 45 Hours
  • Three-Tone Audio Target ID
  • VLF Slow Motion Discrimination
  • Comes with Submersible Headphones
  • Push-Button, VCO No-Motion Pinpointing
  • Search Modes : 2 Plus Electronic Pinpoint
    • All Metal, Motion, Pinpoint
  • Super-Hot, Wide-Scan, All Metal Auto Tune Mode
  • Patented Dual-Frequency Fourier Domain Signal Analysis


  • Big-Target Alert
  • Wet-Sand Operation
  • Faint Target Audio Boost
  • Submersible to 250 Feet
  • Push-Button Ground Balance
  • Increased Depth in Mineralized Soil
  • Operates in Salt Water or Fresh Water
  • Easy to use: Turn-On-and-Go, Pre-Set Control
  • Removable Control Housing Mounts on Belt with Belt Clip (included)
  • Multi-Frequency Infinite Spectrum Technology : Fisher CZ Series Detectors Send Out a Huge Spectrum of Signals that Induce Magnetic Fields into Metal Objects at Different Frequencies
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Review by Pieter P.

Review by Pieter P on March 25, 2016

Fisher CZ-7A, my baby was a long time coming! 10 years to be exact... In 1997 I was fortunate to visit Florida for the first time en route home to South Africa from a Commonwealth conference in Trinidad and Tobago. My 2 day stop-over in Miami and Greyhound bus trip on to Orlando was for two reasons - to see Disney World, but more importantly, to visit Kellyco in Winter Springs! I had at that time read widely about metal detecting but had never before touched a detector. The hobby was just about non-existent in South Africa and I had seen no more than two or three guys doing it on a distant beach. I dearly wanted to buy a detector and bring it back with me on the plane. My choice was the Fisher CZ-7A. (By the way, even today's detectors are not readily available here in any shops!) I had no comprehension of distances and locations of the area and booked into a cheap hotel somewhere in Kissimmee, which on the area map appeared to be very close to Winter Springs. The first day I spent walking the theme parks and my last day was meant to be the highlight with a visit to Kellyco. I had worked out my budget carefully and had rationed myself (government allowance, remember!) on the two week trip and had just enough money left to buy my baby and afford a cab to the airport! But I missed a crucial part, my hotel in Kissimmee wasn't exactly around the corner from Winter Springs. The first cab company I phoned quoted me a return fare way beyond the price of a new CZ-7A! Hoping that my foreign English accent might have been misunderstood I phoned a second company. Same story. The concierge gave me a dirty business card of a kind of one-man show operator. He warned me the chap wasn't very reliable, but he would be cheaper than the others. I traced him on the phone after a long battle. He wasn't keen to take me because he had another booking within the hour. I told him my predicament to buy my first metal detector. He had no sympathy.

Ring Find!

Review by Paul V on May 01, 2014

I would like to start out by informing you that I have been purchasing metal detectors from Kellyco since 1990. Their customer service and prices have been excellent for the 24 years I have done business with them. I currently own a Fisher CZ-21 as my primary detector, and a 1280x as my back up. (An added advantage to owning underwater detectors is that you can simply hose them off when they become soiled!)

The great thing about the staff at Kellyco is that you don't just get sales reps, you have the opportunity to speak with trained techs that are dedicated to the hobby as well. Blake is not only well educated in his subject matter, but offers tons of helpful suggestions that result in a more successful outing. His enthusiasm and encouragement for the hobby are absolutely contagious. Until recently, I had yet to find a ring - many coins and relics (along with a good number of pull tabs and screw caps!!) just no rings! Well the day finally came for my find. The 18k ring is still produced and sells at Saks 5th Avenue, Bloomingdale's and Neiman Marcus for nearly $5,000. What a great way to start off finding rings!

Thank you again Blake for the informative offerings, sales and service, that resulted in a very memorable and successful outing - and to the staff at Kellyco for your continuous customer dedication.

Review by Jonathan B.

Review by Jonathan B on April 25, 2008

The detector that I have used is the CZ-20, and if the CZ-21 is anything better than the CZ-20 you have one heck of a machine. It is easy to use, read the manual well, and you should have no worries. Like they say, it is a deep seeking machine, and Fisher is right, you will be digging with this one. The three tones ID is what I like and it works really well. I have used the CZ-20 in the surf and found a lot of jewelry and change from ankle deep, and up to my chin deep. It performs great, and if deep is what you want it is there. I use the hip mount for my machine, and found some really old coins and jewelry at amazing depths. It will stay with you when you step into water two feet deep and it's really 8 feet deep.

I've had to hit a snake with the coil to keep from getting bit, and it still keeps on beeping great. It is great for land use, as well. I have used it in several ghost towns, old sawmill towns, around old river port and crossing and a lot of old home sites and found anything from square nails to pocket watches, to old money. I have found one cache with it, consisting of 25 old coins under a magnolia tree on a creek. The best find is a heart locket I found by an old well; it belonged to my great grandmother from years past. I had seen an old picture of her wearing it back in the early 1900's. So, if you want a really great machine, try the CZ-21 I'm going to.

Review by Becky C.

Review by Becky C on April 21, 2008

My husband bought me a Fisher CZ-21 for Christmas two years ago, which I use every chance I get! He bought it for me, expecting me to use it once or twice and then place it in the closet and forget about it. Boy was he wrong! I own a townhouse in Panama City Beach, FL, and every time I visit there my Fisher goes with me. I love to detect the beaches and also the ocean. This model is perfect for both, although it's a little hard to ground balance. It has excellent discrimination, and once you get the different tones figured out, it's an awesome machine.

It's really surprising the kind of things I've found (platinum wedding bands, gold wedding bands, silver wedding bands, rings, watches, bracelets, toe rings, earrings and more). I've also been lucky enough to be able to return some expensive items to their owners, and probably saved at least a couple of marriages by doing so.... One case in point happened last year. I had been on the beach metal detecting for about 5 hours, and it was getting hot and I was tired, so I walked on over to my chair and umbrella to have a rest and eat some lunch. Most of the vendors on the beach know me, and if any of their clients lose anything they send them over to me since I truly like to help people find their belongings that would otherwise be lost forever in the sand.

A newly married young lady (who was very much mad at her new husband, and distraught over the loss of his wedding ring) walked up and told me her new husband had been playing football on the beach with some friends of his and his ring flew off his finger. They had been searching for it for quite a while but were unable to locate it. I had them mark off a grid of where it had been lost, and before 15 minutes I had found it. I was offered a reward for finding it, but I refused it, and requested he take his ring off the next time he wanted to play football. Let me tell you, they were both very relieved people!

Review by Hargis M.

Review by Hargis M on April 02, 2008

I bought my 1st detector back in 1969 from Kellyco - I think it was a Fisher 1220x. I've owned almost every model and make made to date. I now have a Sovereign GT, a Fisher CZ-21 and a CZ-20 - all are excellent detectors! I mostly hunt the water and beaches - I've found many gold rings and coins with the CZ-20 and now my go-to detector is the CZ-21. It performs perfect in salt or fresh water. The new pinpoint button is a great idea over the CZ-20. Set-up is very easy and the body mount takes all the weight off!

I've owned 3 Excaliburs, but they were very bulky to hip mount and batteries didn't last long. The CZ-21's batteries last about 40 to 50 hours! The Identification tones make it a joy to use. If I had only 1 detector to use, it would be the CZ-21. It is as close to a "do it all" detector made today. Water / salt / sand or land makes no difference. It performs better than all others I've owned.

My best ring to date value was $4,500.00 - my wife is wearing it today. I found it with my CZ-21. In the last 10 years I've found over 300 rings and about 1/3 are gold and many have diamonds. I've found many class rings and managed to return 6 of them to their owner! This is a wonderful hobby that I've been blessed to have over the years.

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