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Wireless Audio Adapters, Non-Waterproof, Receiver, 1/4" Commercial & Industrial

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  • Quest WTR 2.4G Audio Receiver

    Quest WTR 2.4G Audio Receiver

    Once you get the audio receiver powered for the first time, it will run for 33 hours nonstop before you have to charge it again.

    Sku: 1691-17032000

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Far too many people think that metal detectors are only used by wild-eyed treasure hunters who plan on striking it rich by finding buried treasures. The truth is that metal detectors are used by a number of businesses and government services for important purposes. Our products empower businesses and individuals to pinpoint the location of all sorts of important metal objects. If you ever need to find an underground pipe, cable, manhole cover, vault or anything else made of metal, our commercial metal detectors make it possible. We even sell devices that detect leaks and perform high-frequency line tracing.

Our commercial metal detectors can be tuned with ease so that you can detect metals such as aluminum, nickel, copper, brass, lead, tin, nickel or steel within seconds. Our diverse inventory of commercial metal detectors can benefit every business that needs to locate underground items. Shop with us and you will find a metal detector that truly takes the guesswork out of metal detection, so you won't have to waste valuable time and effort searching deep into spaces that are difficult to navigate such as trench formations, thickets and in between rocks. We understand that your time is valuable, so we carry an inventory of commercial metal detectors that empowers you to find metals with impeccable accuracy and speed.

Whether you are a utility provider, contractor, water work municipality, construction road department or just a layman who needs to find metal objects embedded in the earth or concrete, you need a reliable metal detector at your disposal. There is no sense in digging a series of holes to find the metal that you covet. Rely on our commercial metal detectors' target identification system to enhance your search process. Our commercial metal detectors are designed to help you find a suitable section of the earth to dig into so that you do not have to penetrate uber-tough hard or frozen ground. This way, you can reach those oil tanks, well casings, steel drums, catch basins, cast iron pipes and other metallic items with as little resistance as possible.

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