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Quest Metal Detectors & Accessories

Quest Metal Detectors

Founded by hobby detectorists, Quest Metal Detectors believes in providing advanced technology and value to their community of hobby and professional detectorists. They create metal detectors for dry land and underwater use. They have also created and published an app, available in Google and iOS stores, that pairs with their QUESTPRO detector that enables you to map detecting signals, upgrade firmware, and connect with the community. Their dedication to remaining relevant and cutting edge has allowed them to stay competitive in the metal detecting industry.

Quest Metal Detectors

Their Quest XPointer Pro Waterproof Pointer is a fan favorite in the industry. And for those doing some underwater metal detecting, their Quest Scuba Tector does the job; it’s a combination pinpointer-metal detector, featuring Pulse Induction and is submersible up to 200 feet. Their fullsize Quest X5 Metal Detector is designed to be used by beginners and experts, and was one of the first detectors to be USB rechargeable. 

History of Quest Metal Detectors

Quest Metal Detectors is a relatively new company in the metal detector market in comparison to other companies that have been around for over 50 years. Quest was started in the early 2000s. They are based out of America and also have an office in the Netherlands. 

The mission of Quest Metal Detectors is to build a community and provide advanced, capable machines to their customers. They sponsor metal detecting events across the globe every year in an effort to hear from their customers in every setting. And reinvest 30% of the annual revenue into developing better, most advanced technology for their machines. Quest Metal Detectors makes the effort and it shows.

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