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OKM Detectors & Accessories


OKM Detectors creates some of the world’s most advanced metal detectors. They create gold and treasure, 3D ground scanners, cavity detectors, ground penetrating radars, long-range detectors, water detectors, and metal detectors. Kellyco Metal Detectors sells several of these speciality machines and is one of three USA-based retailers offering OKM detectors.

OKM Metal Detectors

OKM Detectors prides themselves on creating machines that help everyday hobbyists as well as gold diggers, geologists, treasure hunters, and archaeologists. Their machines are also utilized by police and security forces worldwide.

Many of the OKM detectors, such as the eXp 4500 and 6000, Fusion Light, Professional and Professional Plus, and 3D Ground Navigator can be used for many of the purposes listed above. The Bionic x4 Detectors offers the best long range detecting, while the GeoSeeker and GeoSeeker Mini help hunters detect water up to 820 feet underground. Some of their machines, such as the eXp 6000 Professional Metal Detector, comes with Android video eye glasses that enable you to see your targets in real time without ever having to start digging.

History of OKM Detectors

The detectors offered by the OKM team are unique in the sense that they are made with patented geophysical measuring instruments and software. They are made in Germany and certified by Germany’s Chamber of Industry and Commerce. Each machine is guaranteed 2 years and comes with 90 days of technical support.

Started by Andreas Krauss, the first 3d ground scanner technology was developed in 1998 and became the fast selling OKM Future Series. By 2004, OKM Detectors was established by Krauss and Ingolf Mueller and the first national and international patents were filed for the world’s first 3D ground scanner with color data visualization. In 2006, OKM started selling internationally in North American via Kellyco Metal Detectors. In 2018, the company celebrated 20 years of innovation and development, doubling down on their philosophy that “Happiness does not return to you. Happiness finds the one who seeks it.”

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