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Boy Scouts and Kellyco Metal Detectors

AT PRO Christmas Giveaway Has Ended!

One (1) Lucky Winner has been notified and will receive the following prizes:

  • (1) Garrett AT Pro Fall Bonus Pack - Signed by Nugget Noggin ($699.95 Value)
  • (1) Kellyco Vulcan 360 Pinpointer ($199.95 Value)
  • (1) 8 Escudos 1715 Gold Coin Replica ($99.95 Value)
  • (1) All-Weather Detector Carry Bag ($79.95)
  • (1) Multi-functional Field Knife ($29.95)
  • (1) Pro Orange Dot Gloves One Sided ($19.95)
  • (1) Deep Pocket Coin Pouch ($14.95)
  • (1) Kellyco String Back Pack ($12.95)
  • (1) Kellyco 2 Pocket Coin Apron ($9.95)
  • (1) Kellyco Decal ($6.00)
  • (1) Kellyco 3" Logo Arm Patch ($6.00)
  • (1) Lost Treasure Subscription Card ($5.50)


ABOUT Nugget Noggin

Having been a treasure hunter since the age of 14, Nugget Noggin pushes the limits in exploring his true passion for metal detecting and gold prospecting. His love of gold started at a young age, which is why he was dubbed the name Nugget Noggin by his grandfather, for always having gold nuggets at the forefront of his mind. Today, he is a true expert in the outdoor hobby of treasure and gold hunting and can be seen doing so on his widely popular YouTube Channel. With over 200,000 subscribers and nearly 35 million views to date, Nugget Noggin is by far one of the most popular treasure hunters in the world. Feel like you’re a part of his journey while you watch his adventures of metal detecting old abandoned properties in search of Civil War relics, artifacts, gold nuggets and more while his uses his favored Garrett AT Pro metal detector.

MEET Nugget Noggin

Come meet and learn the hobby of metal detecting from the expert detectorist himself! Nugget Noggin will be at Camp LaNoChe joining the Kellyco Treasure Hunt at the Cub Scout Halloween Weekends event on Saturday, October 22nd. Here he will show you how to use Garrett metal detectors to hunt for treasures hidden underground.

ABOUT Garrett Metal Detectors

Garrett is an industry leader in the world of hobby and security metal detectors as well as treasure hunting accessories. Garrett’s most popular machine is their all-terrain AT Pro metal detector which is featured on Nugget Noggin’s YouTube channel as well as the hit TV show “Diggers.” The Garrett Ace Series is their widely known line-up of entry level detectors. The series includes their newest machines on the market - Ace 200, Ace 300 and Ace 400 – all of which are great performing machines and easy for any detectorist level from novice to expert turn on and go hunting. See more about Garrett and their quality products here:

EARN Merit Badges at Kellyco

Did you know that Kellyco can be a great resource for your Boy Scout Troop to learn about a variety of outdoor hobbies, crafts, science, business, and future careers? We have trained, energetic staff that will be happy to work with your Troop to meet the requirements of various merit badges including but not limited to Archaeology, Geology and Geocaching.

Archaeology Badge

Archaeology Badge

Learn Archaeology & Archaeological sites within and outside the U.S.

Geology Badge

Geology Badge

Learn rock types & formations and the resources to be extracted or mined.

Geocaching Badge

Geocaching Badge

Learn proper geocaching etiquette and a how-to on hiding or seeking a cache.


CONGRATS Boy Scout Troop #475

For the second year in a row, Kellyco has been proud to be a part of Camp LaNoChe’s Summer Camp activity line-up. There we met Troops from all around the state, and the country, teaching them about the hobby of metal detecting during our Seeded Treasure Hunt. This year we ran a Troop Leader contest with a grand prize drawing for one Troop to win a Garrett Ace 300 prize package. Included were six Garrett Ace 300 metal detectors and six treasure hunting accessory packages – total value of more than $3,600.00. After a random drawing from all participants, Harry Betz, District Chairman and Leader of Troop #475 from the Anclote District, part of the Greater Tampa Bay Area Council, was drawn as the winner. We presented the prize package to Troop #475 at their weekly meeting in Palm Harbor, FL. We had a great time meeting these scouts, giving them some history and tips of the metal detecting hobby and showing them how to put together and swing their brand new machines. They are excited and ready to go on their first hunt in the coming weeks, and we look forward to hearing what kinds of treasures they’ll find.

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