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Bounty Hunter Land Ranger Pro Metal Detector

In stock
$39.90 in Free Accessories
with 11" DD Search Coil Plus FREE Metal Detecting and Treasure Hunting Accessories‌

Bounty Hunter Land Ranger Pro Metal Detector
with 11" DD Search Coil Plus FREE Metal Detecting and Treasure Hunting Accessories‌

The Bounty Hunter Premier Detector comes with our legendary 11" DD search coil. The LCD display has 43 Target ID icons (3 for Iron) with 0-99 numerical Target ID numbers and 4 Audio ID tones. It has a 5 segment active depth indicator and a Pin Point Mode that displays depth inches. It has adjustable Sensitivity, Volume, Discrimination, Notch and V-Break variable tone breakpoint. It has our one-button Ground Grab ground balance with manual override and 7 search modes. These modes vary from pre-set operation for beginners to maximum control for the more experienced. This is a metal detector that won’t outgrow your skill level.


  • Frequency : 7.69 kHz
  • Warranty : 5 Year Limited
  • Total Weight : 2.5 lbs (1.13 kgs)
  • Discrimination Control : Eliminate All Trash and Junk Metals
  • Search Modes : Discrimination, Motion, No Motion and Pinpoint with Depth Indicator
  • Sensitivity Control : Adjust Detector to Changing Ground Conditions at your Command
Factory Included Accessories:
  • 11" DD Search Coil

Additional Information

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Bounty Hunter Land Ranger Pro Metal Detector

Technical Specifications:

  • 5 Year Warranty
  • 11" DD Search Coil
  • Frequency : 7.69 kHz
  • Weight : 2.5 lbs (1.13 kgs)
  • Batteries : (1) 9V
  • 4-Tone Audio Identification
  • V-Break, Variable Tone Breakpoint
  • Search Modes : 3 Plus Electronic Pinpoint
    • Discrimination, Motion, No Motion and Pinpoint with Depth Indicator


  • Variable Notching
  • Sensitivity Bar Graph
  • Preset Ground Balance
  • Multiple Notching System
  • 9 Target-ID Category Icons
  • Full Discrimination Capability
  • Graphic Target Depth Indicator
  • Ground Grab, Computerized Ground Balancing

Included Free Accessories - Sku: 64-KITB - Total Value: $39.90
Customer Reviews

Average Rating

5.0 average of 3 reviews

Land Ranger Pro

Review by Rick B on May 22, 2015

I used to have a T2 SE and let me tell you not much difference between the LRP and the T2 SE besides the big price difference. So I wanted to finally test the LRP . So me and my Daughter took it to a local park close by and I could not believe the quality, sensitivity and features this machine has. We found a lot of clad, pennies and a master lock about 10" down. We were out less than 2 hours. But I'm sold on the LRP . You're getting a high end machine for a low end price! Thanks Bounty Hunter!


Review by Jim N on January 23, 2015

Been detecting for about 25 years off and on. My second detector was a BH Pioneer 101 that I purchased 23 years ago, and it still performs flawlessly. Well I wanted an upgrade and after a lot of research chose the new Land Ranger Pro at the end of last summer. The first time out found many clad coins and a few silver dimes, some at a depth of 8 to 9" . Found awesome relics also and an axe head at 10" + deep. So many features and awesome depth this new Bounty Hunter is great. Still learning about all the features can't wait to go out again. Also the Bounty Hunter pinpointer works great... I was almost sold on a Garrett Ace 350 or a Fisher F4... sure glad I stuck with Bounty Hunter.

Best Bang for the Buck

Review by Tymon K on December 23, 2014

Coming from an F2 which was a great first machine this thing is a Cadillac and a deep one at that. The VDi is rock solid, depth rivals many more expensive machines and it has just enough adjustments to make you dangerous. If you are looking to step up from a Garrett 150, 250, 350 or the Fisher F2 maybe even the F4 or any other detector in that range it would be hard to go wrong with this one.

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