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Fiskars Big Grip Multi-Purpose Digger

Sku: 1490-7079
Retail: $13.95
Now Only: $10.98
Features a Comfortable Grip and an Over-Sized Tool Head to Provide Added Comfort and Control

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Fiskars Big Grip Multi-Purpose Digger
Features a Comfortable Grip and an Over-Sized Tool Head to Provide Added Comfort and Control

The Fiskars big grip digger, cutter features a comfortable grip and an over-sized tool head to provide added comfort and control. It sports a serrated edge on one side to cut through tough roots and a straight blade on the other side ideal for digging. The pre-sharpened edges are designed to cut through the ground easier. The middle of the blade has a trough-like indention for transplanting soil and has a notched tip at the end to remove weeds. The metal blade is also coated with a rust-resistant material, and the handle features a large hang hole for easy storage. The tool comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

Fiskars Big Grip Multi-Purpose Digger


  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Coated Metal Head Resists Rust
  • Dimensions : 2.5" W x 1.5" D x 14" H
  • Large, Molded Grips Provide Added Comfort and Control
  • Serrated Knife Edge to Cut Through Roots and Other Tough Materials

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Good Tool

Review by Chris on September 07, 2016

I've been using this for a year and it finally bent at the handle, still works fine though. The forked tip is nice for straddling annoying little roots and severing them with a smack on the handle end. Prying on rocks in the hole is a weakness, eventually it will bend. For this price though, its a good deal.

Great Value

Review by Matt B on May 12, 2015

You can spend more money, get a name and maybe a little better digger. This one works great for me. I have dug side by side with club members. Digs just well as far as I am concerned. Fits in my back pocket and pouch just fine. Strong does not bend. Took the money saved and bought more coils for my detectors.

Fiskars Big Grip Multi-Purpose Digger

Review by Hal L on May 04, 2015

Bends when you try to pry something up. Only good for "delicate work".

Fiskars Big Grip

Review by Hal L on April 20, 2015

Would be good for light gardening, but it bent digging up a coin in the park.

Not Bad for the Price but Carry Two Just in Case

Review by Jim M on March 10, 2014

Not a bad digger tool for the price. The serrated edge is sharp and sturdy enough to quickly cut through tough roots. The pointed edge will penetrate the soil easily and allow for the serrated edges to hacksaw-action dig a clean plug. The rubber/silicone handle is comfortable and thick and it fits nicely into a MD'er back pocket. Problem is, they will break if you use them too hard. The weld at the base of the shovel where it attaches to the handle tends to be the weak point. I've had a couple of these snap apart when wrestling with a signal around root-bases of large, stubborn trees. They do have a lifetime warranty though.

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