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Best Underwater Metal Detectors

Taking the dive into treasure hunting? Here are the basics to get you started in your new hobby. In order to choose the best underwater metal detector for you, consider the following questions:

  • Will you be in salt water, or fresh water?
  • Where will you use your waterproof metal detector?
  • Will it predominately be on the beach, in the shallow, or on deep dives?

Two Categories

Underwater DetectorWhen deciding which detector is right for you, keep in mind your search area. Underwater metal detectors are divided into two categories. The two categories are Pulse Induction Metal Detectors (PI) and Very Low Frequency Metal Detectors (VLF).

Pulse Induction Metal Detectors (PI) are deep seeking and best for salt water and underwater search areas, due to the enhanced search depth. Working through voltage and electronic pulses, the PI metal detectors are not affected by mineralized water; however, these waterproof metal detectors are typically unable to distinguish between trash and treasure, causing you to need to dig up an increased number of targets to retrieve the maximum number of treasures. Take your time covering your search area to ensure you don’t rush past what could be a potential jackpot. Here’s a list of quality Pulse Induction Metal Detectors:

Underwater Detector 2Very Low Frequency Metal Detectors (VLF) create an electro-magnetic field ranging from 3 to 100kHz. The VLF underwater metal detectors allow the individual to differentiate between a valuable and non-valuable find, saving you a lot of time. It is important to keep in mind, that VLFs are often compromised by the presence of salt and other minerals. If you decided that a Very Low Frequency Metal Detector is right for you, make sure it has a Salt Water setting, and use the sensitivity and ground balance settings to navigate the mineralization. Below is a list of the best VLF metal detectors:


The list would be endless for all the accessories and upgrades available for the individual embarking on the journey of this remarkable hobby. But here is a list of the basic necessities:

These accessories will help you carry your items while covering the search area, hear your finds as your detector alerts you, and dig up your buried treasure.

Let the Adventure Begin

With your submersible metal detector and accessories, you will uncover lost treasures and forgotten relics. Enjoy hours of relaxing strolls down the shoreline, good exercise, and, who knows, maybe even gold.


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